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Who is your source that said Peterson put up about 30 points in the Federal League's tournament championship game?
Bull GreenDog
Bull GreenDog
Probably the Federal League thread. Someone posted a video of highlights from the middle school championship.
Gabe is still behind Jess Adamson's 63' 5 3/4" put from 2013 at the Midwest Meet of Champions, but I'm pulling for him. Someone I know who saw his 62-10 @ LaSalle says he expects 65-66 feet this year from Gabe from what he saw.
I could not find the list and thought 62 would have hit the top 25. I am pulling for him
One of my son's friends was a D1 1b this year. Already in the transfer portal. One of his complaints had to do with widespread use of PEDs. Wanted nothing to do with it. Is getting out and going JUCO down south.
Seems like a common theme in college that the coach wants the players to put on weight. Some take shortcuts and other prefer to work. My kid put on 20 lbs by eating tons of protein and hitting the weights hard. PED use goes back a long way and there really doesn't seem to be any testing at the D2 level. Good for your son's friend for doing the right thing. Hope your son found a place to play this year.
He is pitching for a Juco in Illinois. It was a perfect fit for him. I am a huge fan of Juco's
Holland Springfield near Toledo, will be replacing turf sometime after fall 2021 season, also could be looking at turf on infield of baseball and softball fields