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The Dock, during this past week my login password was erased. It was created with a defunct email account so I cannot reset my password in Yappi. I have created this new account to replce the old one, Piman58. So when you see predictions form Piman1958, it is the new accoount for Piman58.
Looking for singlets? I suggest a small business Called Unified Athletic Wear. We've used them a couple times (school team gear and singlets, Disney duals team gear, individual and other small team singlets. They can design every inch of your gear in anyway you could imagine. He's worth a look, and very fair on pricing!!! https://www.facebook.com/UnifiedAthleticWear/
Since 1972, when the OHSAA started using a knockout tournament to determine a champion, Massillon has not won at all. Paper Tigers indeed.

0-51 where it counts