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    Just saw yesterday a detailed preview on Cleveland.com with their Top 25 teams. Seems thorough and informative.
    Hi Tim, long time no talk! I have questions about the new board software. I couldn't find how to start a new conversation in that section. Can you start a new one with me please? Thanks!
    Tim, what's your email? I will invite you to the softball gamechanger. Some of your schedule is incorrect-we don't play MOnday at Pigeon Forge and we're no longer playing Brunswick. The girls thought it was dumb to travel all the way to TN to play a local team. Instead we play another team from IL and added a 5th game. Also-I would screencast the games if I knew how to connect my GoPro to a screencast platform. Any tips would be appreciated!
    Why closed?

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    Reload this Page Eastern Buckeye Conference 18-19
    I put in my picks for Week 12 playoff challenge but did
    not save copy,Is there any way I can pull them up ?
    Thanks Fizz
    To test out the new forum, do we need to create a new user name? Or do I just log in with my current one? It's telling me it can't find my user name. Thanks!
    since I'm not sure I submitted my Week 7 Champions Challenge which I believe was on Monday I submitted another one just in case. In the event I did submit one earlier on Monday please just use the first one submitted OK, Thanks Catsfan
    Yappi can you check and see if I submitted my Week 7 Champions Challenge? I can't remember and I don't have a copy of it Thanks Catsfan
    Check things out on your website. When I get on to the Football Forum, and click on "Updates", most of the time I get final scores, and when I click on "Final Scores", sometimes I get updates.
    Yappi how do you make a poll. I'm trying to make a voting poll for the new EBC. I'm clueless.
    Canton South
    West Branch
    Uh why am I still on probation. I am trying to spark conversation on this site. Bless Em is the only moderator I have a Problem with and I have the feeling other people have also had problems with him.
    UH why am I still on probation? Obviously BlessEM has issues with me. I am trying to spark conversation on this site and BlessEm is the only moderator who has issues with me.
    Can you please help me to show the picture of Obie that is in my profile so that it appears every time that I post something
    Thanks. I'm not sure I understand how there isn't a "central clearing house" where coaches have to report scores/stats. How do the polls work? How do the seeds work for the tournaments?
    Would you please remove the thread

    "Ohio wolfpack black 16u tryouts"

    We have filled all out slot and will no longer be holding tryouts. I have already added a new thread saying the tryout are cancelled.

    Thank you,

    Neopolitan is back on the General Board calling my religion "garbage" Either boot him permanentlhy or suspend him for a few weeks.
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