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  • Mr.Yappi-It's me Slim, Slim Ballwell,you know? It seems I am being censored in some form where my posts are not visible to anyome elsebut ,well, me. I have confirmed this with certain people inhere who act like they are on youe side but really are not . Now uncensor me please.Thank you.from Slim Ballwell
    DB 04 has no clue about the Hoban AD situation. Is it even a topic for the football forum? Hoban basically has 3 AD's. Mr. Delmedico's wife passed away not long ago I don't think he needs this grief and nonsense.
    Post 148 of the "cop who murdered..." thread. Sportsprophet calling racial slurs... "boy". A clear racial slur typically used against blacks, and in his context it's very clear what he meant. Uncalled for any debate.
    Hurri-comet has major PC problems. Wants to know if his playoff pics went through. I think he had to use a library computer. Thanks...Big Ed
    Yap, Why would one moderator re-open a thread that I closed? The thread was getting very abusive and actually I was taking threats and being cursed at. I close the thread and issue an infraction and notice that the thread is re-opened?
    Yap, I hope my picks went through, 12:54 P.M. Friday
    Picked Moeller, Wayne, Madison,Avon, Massillon, Perrysburg, Tallmadge, Hubbard, Wheelersburg, St. Clairsville,Cincy Hills Christian, and Marion Local. Please confirm, Bob (thank you)
    so what was kents reason for reporting me? i didn't use any curse words or anything? is he really that butthurt over a joke that started a long time ago?
    What's up with removing my thread in football forum pertaining to the OHSAA's decision to move certain Columbus teams around the Divisions. And not concerned with many other issues this case represents????
    please remove the thread about the SCD news. it is very distractive to the kids involved and causing a lot of angst with the families.
    Yappi.. can I get an image for my username.. I have a freshman and junior football player for Waynesville and a 4th grader coming up.. I will be posting for many years to come!!.. let me know
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