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  • Someone keeps closing the Federal League thread in the girls basketball forum. I've checked the thread, there are no violations in it. I've asked the moderator that's closing the thread to explain why. Instead, they closed it again.

    What's going on? It seems that someone is abusing their power as a moderator for personal reasons, but I'll allow for the possibility that there's a valid reason for repeatedly closing the threat that I continue to open afterwards.
    At what level do I stop letting my son play every position on the baseball field?
    He is a sophomore at Middletown high school and plays pitch catcher infield and outfield and does the same thing with his select team. He wants to play college ball and I don't know if he should work on a couple spots or just keep playing every where and go from there what's your thoughts?
    Not sure but pretty sure. If Mount-Union82 was Hayden Thomas from Tallmadge he passed away on Nov 23. I played HS football with him (a couple years older) and his claim to fame was a long halfback pass to me vs Copley in 1979. The game ended in a tie 15-15 but that pass got us to the 2. I'm 99% sure this was Hayden (Mount-Union82). I talked to him at a HS reunion and we did talk and bring up yappi and the forums. Pretty sure his kid was a running back for the Blue Devils not too long ago. Let me know if I am right if you could, please and maybe post something on the deceased thread.
    Please correct my heading on my latest post from "Hubard" to "Hubbard". I copied and pasted it but the spelling didn't copy correctly. Thanks, roberto21
    I'm fairly new to posting on this site. I wonder if you could tell me what "Go Advanced" means, when posting. Thanks
    Yappi. This Hoser guy won't quit. I've given him 4 infractions and had to delete 10 posts of his. I'd like to have him banned.

    Yappi - Please look at the last few posts from EmptyCUP and Buckshooter5 in the girls forum in thread titled Bucky's ECNL Playground they and others have called out people by name and are guilty of defamation of a persons character and breaking YAPPI forum rules. Can you please either delete the posts or the entire thread and issue a warning to them. Its getting out of control.
    Just curious as to why the topic about summer league ball and player injury (getting fees returned/refunded) was removed.
    Die Hard Eric has the thinnest skin ever and you Yappi look like some push over with no backbone.
    It is unbelievable that you can't see objectively what happened. You KNOW who the problem posters are that have been doing this for years. I didn't come on the thread and start a problem. It's been out of control with certain posters taking carte blanche bashing and hijacking threads of their rivals. I responded as I previously did with warnings then infractions when they were appropriate. Strict moderation is necessary when appropriate to establish the way the board will be run. Massillon bashing is a tradition that certain posters follow as their primary style because it's permitted as long as I've been on the site. It has established a pattern thats spread throughout the site. If you want to close you eyes to it that's your decision. Your dead wrong about your assessment of the situation and you need to stand behind your moderators decisions.Further supporting the facts I had a moderator in a different forum message me about the same treatment. :wallbang::shrug::rolleyes::soapbox:
    The problem was posters complaining about threads being hijacked and another moderator was attacked for moderating it. I posted a warning and was attacked with personal messages. A thread was created to continue the out of control posting. A simple addressing of those involved will straighten up the problem. Those are hard indisputable facts that merit major sanctions. If the situation had been addressed immediately when I posted you it wouldn't be out of control. The problem posters are still posting their garbage seeing how much they can get away with. You are totally mistaken with your comment that I'm moderating based on what I like. I was a police officer for 35 years and I understand the concept of being fair and objective and making decisions based on the RULES not my personal feelings. Any action taken was on CLEAR rules violations and never on personal feelings.
    I noticed no money to account for my PTC thred. I posted and buckman consolidated my with the previous PTC comments. I'll start individual sectional stuff tomorrow under Mark Adelman but after my initial post will go back to FirestoneFan, OK
    After I put an initial post under Mark Adelman, I have been going back to FirestoneFan. Most know who I am. I hope that is OK.
    I would suggest that Senor with just 38 post be informed that there is no place for trolls or immature comments related to family members on Yappi.
    There is no place for the post Brian made on the girls basketball suburban league National directed at McGal!
    Hey Yappi, with North Viking passing away this past weekend and hearing about other great posters who have also passed. I just wondering if we could get a stickie with a memorial to Yappsters who have passed. If not, I understand, just a suggestion. Thanks
    Tim,, Always a astonshing feeling to win Yappi Challenge now third time, even if it was a 3-way tie. Are there any other 3 time winners? I know Spencer has two. Does this three way tie negate my 3rd win? Any others have three wins.

    Shirt Yellow
    Large Thanks again for a wonderful contest. Week 15 turned out to be a Yappi Classic because it was seven game classic.

    Ad Track King takes me to the App Store almost every time I log in. Then another site hijacks my browser and tells me they can fix my browser that they just hijacked.
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