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  • Many Solon kids went on to play at Davidson over the years, great school. Hey Quaker, how can you figure Peterson? He lost passion for the game I guess. Solon misses him. Next week will be a test not to be totally embarrassed. I,ll be there, I moved out of top row 5o yd. line $$ seats, I just fell in there trying to get out, I sat their for years. I now sit on the aisle on the 30 yd.line I'll be on the end of the row , it's up near top about 7 rows down. I will PM you what I'll be wearing next Friday. Hope it doesn't rain. Hurricane
    HO, HO,'s the most wonderful time of the year! I have only been to one Hudson game this year since I have been traveling to all of Ben's college games. He is at Davidson in NC and the games are all over the country. They are 1-4, but he is playing a lot and they are young and building.

    I will be at THE GAME next week though (Ben has a bye). I am so sorry to hear about Peterson. He is a great kid and a Hell of a player! What happened? Where is he going to college? How does the rest of the team look? Tough loss vs Mayfield, but an otherwise great season so far.

    Hudson has all the necessary ingredients. On offense, they have a great QB, a load of play makers, and a big, capable line. On defense, the DC is a genius and takes advantage of their numbers. There are 104 kids in grade 10 - 12 in the program!

    I hope to see you next Friday...will you be there? I will come over to the "dark" side!
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