2023 Massillon Football

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I have a decent Massillon following on social media, so I recently made these of Coach Moore & a few Tigers. Got a pretty nice response.

Good luck against Anderson!

Coach Nate Moore Massillon.jpg

'24 Chase Bond Massillon.jpg

'24 DaOne Owens Massillon.jpg

'24 Dorian Pringle Massillon.jpg

'24 LB Cody Fair Massillon.jpg

'24 Mike Wright Jr Massillon.jpg

'25 WR Jacques Carter.jpg
Tigers are now within 5 wins of Valdosta and taking the all-time winningest program spot.
Yes, that is accurate:

Valdosta, GA.—————952-266-34
Louisville Male, KY.——-948-340-49
Massillon, OH.**——-—-947-299-36
Mayfield, KY.**————-945-264-32
Highlands, KY.————-932-262-26

** Will play in state title games this week.
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Wait till next year when he’s 30lbs heavier and stronger
He and Looney together for next year will be devistating...Kappes and Lewis on the right side should be good as well. I would guess Brumfield will be the center, good size. Obviously, have't seen much of him, imagine he got most of the JV reps and a few on varsity. with everyone back at the skill positions that offense should be pretty high powered...I know we lose a lot on defense but there were a lot of underclassmen that got a lot of reps, Zimmerman, Allman, Lemon, Chris Fair, Daylan Pringle, Jaydn Williams (who actually had quite few tackles), Tra'yon Williams, Camden Lynch..Then throw in the frosh that got in here and there, Malone, Gardner, Fowler, Hille, Chayce White, Braylon Gamble (although I don't see his name anymore on the varsity roster, so maybe he's gone) and there probably a few I missed.. we lost a lot but still have guys that can step in... maybe not as good as this years D, but you'd have to expect that.. this year is special....I think the D will still be very good next year... I've already got major anxiety about thursday.... just one more victory and we'll all be happy...can't wait.. Lot going on right now
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