2023 Massillon Football

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That is awesome of them to post this!
If you read the news atricle in their it's a really good article... the one thing that stood out was him mom saying he had no offers! WTH , I know he's a junior but to have none just blows me away.. Kid can play anywhere on the line and I'm not saying anything all of you don't know but he can play, I'd take a couple #45's all day long.... He just plays like he means it, hard and having fun... some college is going to get lucky.with an "under the radar signing"
Running game looked much better again... good to see mitchell and slaughter get in there.. defense was outstanding as usual.. kicking game was great.. still a couple dumb penalties, although I thought the refs were a tad trigger happy with a couple.. I can live with those...I was wondering when they were going to call the off sides on the kick off, there's been a couple every game.. some were really off sides too.. At the end of the game it looked to me like a couple players took a small swipe at both lennix and hogan but they kept there composure.. didnt look playfull which is what I thought at first.. but lennix took a step back and kind of had that "did anyone see that?" stance...hogan just kept walking like nothing happened which was funny.. maybe emotional after the fake punt? lol
Crew Stadium : Columbus


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Yeah, Well, the fake was there to take, so... we took it. hehe. And, then their enttled fans booed, lol.

On the other hand, we had basically started emptying the bench before their 1st team was able to score a touchdown.

So, boo-hoo Green, you got a whoopin' tonight.
yeah we really emptied the bench, good to see a lot of kids play... afer looking at the handshake line again.. I think maybe lennix was accidently pushed not a swipe and I think he took the step back because he wasn't sure what was going on.. hogan I think got one in the facemask and kept walking... good for him.... I did hear some of green fans screaming F**k you! That was golden...way to show 'em pops.. score could have EASILY been 45-0 with the two fumbles near the goal..
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