DP shot the lights out of the 3 in the first quarter. They missed more free throws than 3s. Hard to lose performing like that. Milton still played hard. DP is a Trotwood-type team. Very athletic and fast.


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I wonder how many swbl kids play summer aau ? It definitely exposes kids to a different style of basketball
I know that Singleton from Shawnee plays for Dayton Elite and that Mason Shrout from Shawnee may be on the All-Ohio Red team this year. I know Rubin and Whimsan play AAU, but I'm not sure the total number of kids that play. I'd guess there are a boy or 2 at each school that participates in AAU ball. Maybe Franklin or a school like that could have a few more that participate.

From what I've seen, especially at my school, it seems that there are more kids interested in AAU basketball at the Junior High level. At TVS, there are no high school kids that play AAU this year, but there are 4 boys that I know of that are in the 7th/8th grade that play. Which could be why our high school team was so bad this year, lol. I am not sure if other schools see the same thing.
Franklin will be better next year than this year. They will be big with very good Soph. class becoming Jrs.
I know it was Junior High but Monroe's senior class to be was by far the class of the league back then and frankly should have been starting across the board since 10th grade. I guess only time will tell.


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I saw Madison hired Shane Richardson as the head boys basketball coach. What's everyone's thoughts on that? It has him listed as the JV coach on the Madison site, so he is familiar with the program. I also remember the name from the early 2000's, as I believe he was a pretty good basketball player at Madison..