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  • Yakyak, pretty sure we don't know each other but from your posts our paths have crossed (I think). Have you been associated with coaches such as Shaun O'Connell from Ponitz or Ray Zawdski from Troy Christian? I know both from AAU and seems from comments you may also. My point to this is good coaches find ways to get better while playing bad teams. Did not want to publicly post that as Tri Villiage fans can get rather agitated it seems. BTW is Plano, the Texas One?
    I saw your post today. What we've built with the US Baseball Network is exactly what you're talking about. I know there's a lot of skepticism about something like this but, please take a moment to check out our website www.theusbaseballnetwork.com. Give me a call anytime; Frank Russo, OHBN State Director, 216-317-1577.
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