Mid-State League ‘22-23

The Dock

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What happened in that game, didn't Rosecrans blow them out in there first game
Wasn’t there (was elsewhere in the Cardinal last night), but word was Rosecrans couldn’t buy a basket and was down for most of the game. That’s pretty hard to come from behind and steal one on the road.


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Trouble with Rosecrans they live and die with the three point line eighty percent of the time,if there off just one time against any good team they will be a early exit from the tournament


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Tonight should be a great match up
Columbus Academy at Northside Christian I’m heading there might be some D1 college coaches there for recruiting the big guy


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Last night, I took the trip down to the Creek to watch the Eagles and Aces. GCC played well and went home with a 20-point win. This sets up a big rematch on Friday at the Port. GCC handed the Port a 30-point loss on Hoover road a month ago. It feels like this game will be a lot closer this time around. This is Millersport's last chance for a win before records are turned in next week, and probably a chance at a top 3 seed in the tournament. GCC is looking to stay in the middle of the pack of D3 and not have to play HP, Afro, or WC in the tournament's first game. I am looking forward to a great environment!