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I'll be here in this space next season for sure , it's a great group of kids coming back and there are a nice handful of guys who check in as former residents and fans and friends of the program . Of course there are fans of rivals and others along with the requisite disagreeable passive aggressive trolls who come in at very predictable times { After losses } and all are basically welcome of course . That includes Orville posters who have a reason I suppose seeing as Parks is leaving Orville and heading back 'Home" to Central Ohio .

Of course there was the normal backlash from some 'Fans" because he left the school and community after elevating the program for three years performing at a ridiculously high level of skill and production . Human highlight film stuff. Team greatly benefitted from his presence. That appears to be over now and some took the opportunity to attack the kid labeling him as a real bad kid with huge amounts of baggage blah blah blah. Another is passively bringing up and trying to educate on the transfer rules , thanks much appreciated . Prompted a Marysville poster to passively take a stab at Coffman . OK Boss , I realize all Marysville players were born on the farm with blue and red football placed in their cribs . I know that's not true by the way .

Sour grapes from Smuckersville? ? Probably a little bit no question, but you do realize that getting a kid that talented from a Columbus City school district and the Mifflin area was kind of 'Found" money like right? He wasn't really YOURS ? You and Coffman have Exact same number of Columbus City school football transfers . ONE . The odds of getting another one is miniscule to zero for you. You should be careful about attacking this kid from a legal law standpoint . One of the passive aggressive disagreeable blank who checks in here after losses gives me crap about holding a kid who is a huge diva and set himself far apart rom his team mates accountable . OK as Mark Porter the scouting Ohio scout and respected voice in Ohio recruiting often says There are two types of responders to his site and twitter feed . People who make excuses and excuse kids behavior and those who hold them accountable and call out the bullcrap.

I'm no newspaper guy , of course I wouldn't write some of the things I do with the information I have if I was , BUT when the TRUTH is known and accepted and mine is not a sole opinion ? I'll type as I usually do right off the top of my head and what I am thinking . Never call out a kid for not making a play or dropping a TD pass missing a block , fumbling etc. But attitude ? Sometimes I will . Orrville fan crossed a line by citing legal stuff . Trying to Wink wink 'educate { lmao} us about the transfer regulations is OK , I will respond with just " K " next time .

No offense to D-5 but wherever Parks goes , what exactly was he going to get out of playing at that level again ? He is already a D-1 player with a few offers but doing his thing on the D-1 level will elevate his tock and help his development as a player . Speaking of developing as a player .

High level kids with offers going back to 8th or 9th grade who think there isn't a price to be paid by just sitting out a bunch of games over their career { Not kids who tear ligaments , break bones , ACL injury's collarbones et al } and not hurt their development are sadly mistaken . I have seen it with my own eyes over the years . Of course kids who have season ending 'injury's " and not just nagging soreness type stuff are going to have their development hurt but that is pretty much out of their control really. Their rehab is not of course , but I have seen a few players who had dozens of offers or just a few from big time schools who simply didn't progress as players., stayed the same , other players on their own teams never mind nationally caught up to them or got closer to them despite having less natural talent . Early offers are not a great thing for many players, it makes them think the real work is done , I don't have to keep developing or even playing every week because everyone wants me .

If you aren't getting better you are getting worse . Coffman has a handful of these kids this year , handfuls of offers , really talented kids , may be not the 8th grade 9th grade offers but offers. Power five kids , do they just coast ? Take time off ? Miss half the games because they already have offers ? Skip camp ? Don't work out with their teammates ? Spend more time watching than playing trying not to get really hurt? Kids need to realize that they are being offered free tuition room and board because of their ability TO PLAY FOOTBALL , If you aren't pushing yourself to get better at the high school level ? How good are you going to be at a much higher level at a power five school ?

Some kids develop their bodies and games earlier than others and level off , may be getting some money to play at different levels while some kids develop a year or two later and sometimes surpass the earlier developers . that is not what I am talking about here . I'm talking about kids thinking the real work is DONE once you get dozens of offers or 7 offers or that one power five offer . Being a poor teammate or not really applying yourself or not really getting better may not make any difference in GETTING and keeping an offer but it does impact your future impact at the college level .

Five star kids never pan out or ever start or make a big impact at the college level in many instances, four kids as well , many 3 or less star kids { Walk on's } flourish at the next level because they remained HUNGRY , worked at it, didn't take practices and games off , didn't stay stagnant , didn't think the real work was done or that they didn't have to keep at it and play , be a good teammate , sacrifice , DEVELOP FURTHUR.

It's attitude that allows some players to make an impact at the college level , and also to flounder or make excuses when they never make that impact. Bottom line is players should never just throw away opportunity's to DEVELOP , to improve to get better , sharpen your skills , work on your craft as it were. Learn to compete, be durable , mentally and physically tough , coachable , learn more , compete in games against good competition , push yourself a bit out of your comfort level , bounce back from disappointment . Fight your way out of slumps instead off shutting it down and quitting . Go towards challenges , not find a way to not face them or sabotaging yourself . All lessons that can be learned through these years and in football .

I have a good feeling about the next group of Seniors who have offers at Coffman. High character , strong work ethic with some really strong rising Senior leadership .


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Harry, man, you sure to get your money's worth from posting! I really enjoyed the breakdown/projections for the state finals. (Just have to make sure I have a charger close by so my battery doesn't die from the screen being on that long)

Agree with most all you posted but the "no offense to D-5" line wasn't necessary. Parks has played in a league where the '18 MVP is starting for UC as a freshman (Turner, CVCA) and the '19 MVP is early enrolling at UC (Wright, Manchester) and Parks would have been the '20 MVP going D-1 himself. Ohio has tremendous talent/skill at all levels of high school football.

As for the folks with sour grapes, don't be too hard on them. The folks in their league have been making accusations at their expense for years now on other threads. He missed practice once and sat out a half but in the yappi-verse it was said that he stole a car, beat up an old woman, and pee'd in the mayor's Wheaties and was still allowed to play.


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Yes I agree , probably not necessary , but that's kind of going to happen sometimes when I purposefully just type what I am thinking . Within reason of course . I absolutely know there to be top players coaches and teams at the D-5 level , but my point was more partly coming home and may be challenging himself more. Pretty sure he doesn't have over 8000 yards playing in the OCC . Great players al over Ohio in all divisions many of who I watched this past weekend . I do think Parks playing at the D-1 level will get more out of it from a competition standpoint and it will push him more .

I was trying not to be too hard on them , as I get their passion and feelings about the program. Seems like the 4 years he spent up- there was a very positive experience for him and I'm sure he will miss it in some ways.


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. Always enjoy the banter about state title locations . Columbus is best geographically of course but Canton is really a great location . Stadium, history, HOF ? It reeks of football like it's a Stuffed football tamale . Shoe is too cavernous and always was , but now? Like the one venue concept even with 7 divisions . Stand alone Thursday game? Works when a NEO team with a good following is in it and it has been that way in some years.

Good couple paragraphs on the Pickerington Central 'Culture" by Ulrey in the local C-Bus rags. Obviously it's easy to get the buy in when you win state titles and win your league every year but they deserve credit for really developing this unselfishness and team first concept. Always harder when you have the talent level of a PC .
Crenshaw was the leader, the front man in the band of talent and toughness. Always helps when your leader is also an extremely hard worker and WANTS to be involved with his teammates be one of the guys but is clearly in charge and elevating others. I really believe and get the sense that these kids really don't care who gets the credit , they only want to win . Crenshaw is moving on but a lot of the top talent is coming back and the younger classes are supposedly stacked , so this could really be the golden age of PC football , but honestly it already is right now but don't be surprised if you see this program in another final or two in the next 3-5 years.

Speaking of developing a culture and getting kids to buy in , Brian White stepping down as HC of Davidson is yet another sign of many of our descents to old or middle age or may be in some of his first players at HD and ascend to full adulthood. White is a legend in anyone's book or by anyone's definition . Have always been completely honest about how I feel about he and the HD program. Given huge props, given the proper respect and pointed out things I didn't find all that great much to the chagrin of some and that obviously caused the worshippers to attack .

Things aren't all or nothing black or white , 100 percent right or wrong. So some opinions that don't jibe with others views cause them to react. Of course these are the black or white thinkers usually. White is only 51 so I would think he has another job in him and while it may take 4-5 years to establish his culture he can do great things somewhere else . I have always thought his biggest strength as a coach was his simple approach of just trying to get as many of his players as possible to reach their full potential as players and people. Control what we can control , work our azzes off , play our style and system and let the chips fall where they may , but success is measured in how close did we get to OUR potential ?

At first he didn't employ the option game and run only attack . Run based but more than one or two throws a game . He amended it to only run after a few years .His best teams were before the Hilliard school split and Bradley arriving on the scene . His teams in the mid 2000's to early 2010's were rife with talented backs better lines than we have seen lately and stout defenses with some stars every so often . Program has ebbed and flowed the last decade but has dipped below PC as the top dog in Central Ohio Bigs and it seems that the run has well run it's course . Has consistently beaten teams with more talent size and next level players . Coffman has been tne victim a few times recently and many times over the years . This year was as much a caser of Coffman losing it but Davidson played it's best game of the season in White's last HD-DC match-up . Almost without fail he got close to the maximum out of his guys and his two state titles each by one point going for two point conversions at the end after coming back from deficits will never be forgotten .

Davidson will carry on for a while probably using the same system with the same coaches sans White but I believe that the 10-0 9-1 state title contending teams may be not seen again for a while . Good man and great leader who is a huge loss for the Cats. Looking forward to seeing what he does next


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Harry - I'm the "blank" that raised concern about your very descriptive post calling out a Dublin Coffman player. I never disagreed with your assessment of the situation, you may very well be correct. However, to think your post on a forum is "holding a kid accountable" is a bit of a reach. If the situation is as you state, it should have been handled by the coaching staff; first by a direct conversation with the player and family and if that doesn't change things then by taking away playing time. As long as the administration trust, empowers and supports the head coach to do what is best, this is a situation that simply should not happen. Maybe the situation wasn't what you believed it to be, maybe Coach Crabtree's hands were tied, maybe there something else to the story - I have no idea but going after a kid on a open forum isn't the way to go about it.

Regarding the Orville player, I actually agree with most of what you say. If he were to go to Dublin Coffman (I have no idea if he is or is not) I would assume Threats will still be the primary rb allowing Parks to be a slot wr/rb, the position he most likely will be at the college level. Parks is 5'8" and 165 lbs and great in space; sounds to me like he would be best used like Florida did with Percy Harvin.

Harry - I don't always come on here after a Dublin Coffman loss but I do enjoy when you go on 'Tilt' which is usually after a Shamrock loss. Sorry I don't read most of your post, they are way too long (like this one I'm typing). Some of the things I've enjoyed to bring to your attention/discuss with you:
1) Calling a junior RB a Dublin "Legend" towards the end of this season. Even you agreed it was a bit much.
2) Reminding you that after the 2018 Coffman loss to Davidson (24-7), you "Guaranteed" a Coffman win in 2019 due to Coffman's returning 'weapons' and Davidson loss of talent especially on offense due to graduation. Yea, I was ready to remind you of that one after Coffman's 15-14 setback to Davidson this year in wk 8. You didn't disappoint, you were definitely fired up that night.
3) I did not think the UA hiring of a Davidson assistant was the right way to go for the Golden Bears after the 2018 season but I'll give you credit (I believe you liked the hiring), it appears to be off to a good start thus far. Caution, UA had a good start with Coach Cutler and things turned bad quickly.
4) Disagreed with your assessment/comment on the Asian population in Coffman schools not helping the football program. Granted, few if any play football but the Asian community definitely enhances Dublin which attracts quality families/people to Dublin which in turn ultimately helps the football program. Coffman would still be Div I even if you took out the Asian population of approximately 15%. We will just have to agree to disagree on this one.
5) Most recently, my end of year comment on Coffman's season. I said I believe the last two season's were a bit of a disappointment for Coffman. Coffman was the most talented or at least equal to anyone in Region 2 both seasons as they loss in the Regional Final both years. Yes if the ball bounces the other way or a injury or two doesn't happen, Coffman very well could have won but unfortunately for them it didn't. The chance to win a Regional Title doesn't come along too often, you have to capitalize on them. That's mostly what I said and you went way off the reservation.

I'm sure I missed a few and I can't wait to add to the list. Stay Classy Harry!


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Who are you again? Was I talking to you ? Went off the reservation? K . Dude you are patronizing and obtuse at the same time . Wasn’t talking about you about losses . I couldn’t give two fu4/is if you agree with me or not as I don’t value your opinion or like your passive aggressive bull crap .

I said I was holding him
Accountable ? Never said that . Said Porter gets responses from
People about players ( coaches in many cases ) and he said some make excuses for the kids some don’t and hold them accountable . I have never responded to Porter by the way .

Go start a thread and lll come by and hold you accountable Lmao . Seriously dude you live the term reach . . I knew you might think I was only talking about you . Seriously I don’t get why you read this space . You always come by after losses by the way . And I know you love it .
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I said Coffman didn’t have the ideal football demographic that was all . They don’t when compared with some other top public teams was all . That seemed to drive a few older white dudes crazy for some reason as I remember . Never said they had a poor demo . Talent wasn’t on the field a lot of the time .
No need to respond here chief . I realize coaches parents and teachers are the ones to hold a kid accountable not some opiner or fan . Some think all the kids and coaches read this . I know that’s not true . Some ? Yes but I in no way think I’m Holding anyone accountable or in a position to It’s hard enough sometimes with your own kids .i have opinions on some facts and kids attitudes .

Yes disappointing not playing in a semi especially with talent that’s there but if it’s not playing or really playing it’s a wash . You only get so many opportunity’s . No need to recite history of your disagreements .
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Apologize for harshness WS , Was rioting for WJ . Anyway the thought that I was trying to hold the kid accountable got me going a bit as can happen . Anyway a funny thought I just had was how do coaches hold kids accountable ? Playing time is usually a big carrot and you can hold accountable by lessening it or taking it away right? What do you do and how do you hold someone accountable when they don’t care if they are on the field or not ? I’m not nearly smart enough to figure that one out


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Apologize for harshness WS , Was rioting for WJ . Anyway the thought that I was trying to hold the kid accountable got me going a bit as can happen . Anyway a funny thought I just had was how do coaches hold kids accountable ? Playing time is usually a big carrot and you can hold accountable by lessening it or taking it away right? What do you do and how do you hold someone accountable when they don’t care if they are on the field or not ? I’m not nearly smart enough to figure that one out
You cut them from the team and make sure they turn in their equipment. Return their pay to participate fee and wish them good luck.


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Harry - It's one of the craziest situations I have ever heard of. I still think the way to go is 1st) head coach/coaches talk to player & family 2nd) If no change, take away playing time 3rd) Final option, what Pickeringtonsports said.

My coaches always said it's the seniors team, they set the tone. Granted the player in question was a senior but I wonder (again, if the situation is true) what the other seniors did. Peer pressure is a great motivator. Sometimes a team has an addition by subtraction. You see it quite often in high school, a talented senior class under performs and the following year the team, although less talented, is better, they come together. Same goes with individual. The coaches dream is when your best/most talented player is also your hardest worker. It sounds like that may be the case next year for Coffman. If so, that's a great tone setter right there. Plus, the QB returns with 14 starts under his belt. These two things are a great start for 2020.

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Dropping by, with an admittedly light skim of the past couple pages, to say that Harry is always a generally solid poster in the regard of being knowledgeable and impassioned. Sometimes I wish he would express his thoughts a little better and more concisely, but hey... none of us are Hemingway’s nor Vonnegut’s. Keep doing you, HC. Good luck to the Rocks this offseason and the next fall. Hope Coach Crabtree gets a ring.


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Harry - It's one of the craziest situations I have ever heard of. I still think the way to go is 1st) head coach/coaches talk to player & family 2nd) If no change, take away playing time 3rd) Final option, what Pickeringtonsports said.

My coaches always said it's the seniors team, they set the tone. Granted the player in question was a senior but I wonder (again, if the situation is true) what the other seniors did. Peer pressure is a great motivator. Sometimes a team has an addition by subtraction. You see it quite often in high school, a talented senior class under performs and the following year the team, although less talented, is better, they come together. Same goes with individual. The coaches dream is when your best/most talented player is also your hardest worker. It sounds like that may be the case next year for Coffman. If so, that's a great tone setter right there. Plus, the QB returns with 14 starts under his belt. These two things are a great start for 2020.
I would not discuss it with the parents, 90% of the time they are the problem. Taking away playing time from somebody who doesn’t want to play isn’t going to work. Although this is very effective for players who love to play but don’t put in the work or just can’t stop being a clown. Setting the tone that no player is above the team will make the program better for the long run. Lastly, most kids won’t admit it but they would be happy if a malcontent is cut from the team.


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This was a unique situation obviously and one I hadn't seen either . I talk a lot about team dynamics and how important it can be . I understand addition by subtraction concept and you see it at the NFL level at times and it certainly can be helpful in the long run no doubt.

Kids can change over a few years and certainly when you get a ton of attention it may be inevitable that there will be some changes in hat size. On my team as a Junior and Senior we had 5-6 D-1 kids between the classes and some 1-AA kids . some were unaffected for the most part some weren't , the Senior class when i was a Sophomore was less talented and I saw the difference. They were also a excellent group in terms of wins but were a bit less full of themselves more humble head down really hard workers . I have seen the underachieving heavy Senior class returning with talent dynamic not my personal group back in the day but over the years. .Our coaching staff was excellent in terms of keeping us together and not letting the stars think they were different within the team . Was talking to a friend of mine who is a wrestling coach about that very thing recently. Seniors will set a tone and they will take a matter like this into their own hands which I have seen and heard in the past . I do think this group is different and have a really good attitude.

You need some talent to be a good D-1 team in Ohio , a team that can get to the final 8 or final 4 and may be a special team to win it. Coffman definitely had the talent coming back this year to get to the final four and play well in that situation , but I think not having some key players either out there or if out there a non factor hurt a bit along with the normal tough breaks in a game that can hurt you and end up costing you.

I've wrote about this pretty extensively and will again I am sure in the final 2019 wrap-up . Being concise is probably never going to happen and I am more than capable of expressing thoughts in a more orderly fashion if you will , but the meandering and sometimes hard to understand irreverence is somewhat purposeful. Hard to follow I realize but some get that it's my way of expressing that this isn't real serious business and I like to have fun . Sentence construction and the rules of grammar be damned lol .


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Players are starting to heal a bit , the bruises and bumps are becoming a memory , may be a nagging one but further in the back of the mind. Great to see Joe Burrow a kid I watched what seemed like yesterday in a state final darting dodging and throwing some dimes at Athens High win the ultimate individual prize in College football . I think he will be a better pro than Dwayne Haskins the man who beat him out a few years ago for the OSU job.

A nice season handicapping the games as I tried to have predictions on the most interesting games in Central Ohio throughout the season and play-offs with some games looked at during the regular season from outside the region and of course play-off action .

88-57 { 61 percent} overall for the season with the first 3 weeks going against the Cl Preps line as Louie Pasteur didn't have his up until week 4 . Used his lines the rest of the way compiling a 76-42 record good for 64 percent .

NFL is going well chugging along at 50-37 good for 57 percent and CFB sits at 66 -50 also good for 57 percent . Some out here are following that and aren't upset about it lol.

I have shared some thoughts on the finals as they were being played but will put a bow on them now. Talked about the selfless culture that Pickerington Central has cultivated and that being personified by their war horse and leader Crenshaw. PC is rolling at such a rate that the numbers and the depth of talent they have coming up seems almost unfair . Scary really. Winning championships will make many a kid on the east side among other areas dream of playing there or if not dream see that it is a good route to take to play in high profile games and just play more games .

Well the adage that says it is amazing what can happen when most if not all don't care who gets the credit. Kids sacrifice , kids paly roles they may not really want to play , kids don't have to be the center of attention to feel good about themselves. Kids don't have to be the 'MAN " they don't pout and take the attitude of 'well if I can't be the big star what's the point? Impressive run that is far from over .

Lasalle is a power that came fast the last few years and now expect to win each year. Their QB making big plays to keep the chains moving and ultimately the victory really shows that at this time the QB making his plays with his feet is such a huge component of success . Some defensive schemes don't account very well for the QB as a runner and astute offensive coordinators see this and take advantage . I thought it was Massillon's year and they had some big play guys but they seemed just a step behind on defense against Lasalle who had them off balance just a bit on many plays that ended up moving the chains and scoring when deeper in territory . As I mentioned the zone read heavy run game simply wasn't enough to keep Lasalle honest or give them problems . Getting to the edge , misdirection , play action stuff might have been more effective because they certainly had the QB and receivers and the running backs for that matter to do more damage .

Trotwood seems to be D-3 in name only , uber talented but a smaller school who will be around for a while at this level . A bit down when playing the larger schools this year but once in the D-3 realm they proved good enough to grind out a title . They appear to be a yearly and going concern into the future at this level .

The cruel dynamic of attrition reared it's head as Licking Valley simply wasn't up to it physically vs Clyde who was very impressive to say the least as they seemed to be very prepared to the point of severely overmatching LV who is on that dreaded list of being a team that wins a ton of play-off games without nabbing the ultimate hardware.

Ironton in many other instances in history would have completed it's throwback victory . Led by the small town hero who put his cape on every Friday and led the charge to fulfilling the Ironton faithful dreams of yesterday come to present day life . One problem . OK May be a couple problems . Beating a team as well drilled , full of confidence well coached enough to get the absolute best from their players as Kirtland is too tall a task for even the feel good story of the town on the river that had seen better days. Even possessing a real life hero who roams the field like a predatory animal with d-1 skill and football acumen coming out of his ears. . Too good a story to come true? Sullivan Brothers were a problem .That sounds like a New England Plumbing outfit . Undersized on defense but still impossible to run on ? That my friend is the epitome of attitude meeting coaching , scheme and tradition. Will . Their discipline , toughness and execution showed stunningly .

Ironton has some folks back , lets hope they can take another stab at going back in time and rewriting that ending . They were there , right there , achingly close to being legendary champions , the team that restored the pride and gave the town a b-12 shot of confidence. Superman 2 will be playing next fall at small southern Ohio stadiums .


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It's about time to put a wrap and may be a bow on the 2019 Coffman season . Kind of a weird season in some respects. Disappointing on one had for sure but it was a season that showed many of the players to be tough competitors with high character who really improved over the last year and the coaching staff made some subtle changes some of which I was talking about last year and they made a difference. I think this will be a few posts ending over the weekend as we get ready to hit the road to see the larger clan over the holidays .

Going into the season the defense was thought to be a unit that was going to be a shut down unit . A times it was no doubt. Two key players never played a down who were starters in 2018 and coming back this season. Kirk at Safety played well in the scrimmage season but never played in the regular season. DE Sebastian Bramonte moved to Florida and missed his Senior year in Dublin . He wasn't a big D-1 recruit like Kirk but he was a glue player who made plays and really improved in the off-season physically . He recently got a 1-AA offer and was missed coming off the edge this year . Kirk was the QB of the secondary and was greatly missed .

Returning starter Cam Kirk missed the first three games as well, so the defense was missing three returning starters from the year before who we thought might be out there. Cam getting hurt vs Whitmer and not being 100 percent in the Springfield game hurt. although the defense was excellent overall and deserved a better fate . Wolfe was a real force inside as he became the first two way starter on the interior line in Crabtree's tenure. He didn't go full time both ways as the season went on though as his presence on defense was more needed and a couple new O-lineman started to 'Get it": and do the job well . Wolfe in my opinion is the biggest loss and might be the hardest to replace of all the Seniors . Two new corners with Cam Kirk having to go to safety with AJ Kirk not available was a work in progress but they both improved and I think have really good potential as rising Seniors in 2020 . Austin at corner is a taller rangy kid who was also a back-up QB , but I really think he is athletic enough to get some college attention at corner. 6-2 with good feet and ball skills, it will be interesting to see if eh can take the next step . Weaver not as big but athletic and a lot of room to grow get stronger and develop.

JR DE Russell has a handful of offers including power five and at 6-4 235 and has a TON of potential . He has a lot of natural talent and a frame that is large enough to carry more weight without losing quickness and speed. Basketball player as well. He could be one of the pre-eminent edge rushers in the state next year. Defense returns the entire LB crew . Inside guys Morris and Davis and outside guys D-1 athletes Williams and Threats . Morris was improving steadily all year and at about 200 pounds has the frame to get bigger an stronger . Davis is a bit smaller but pound for pound is as tough as anyone on the team . Took on al backs not matter their size and was an instinctual playmaker and if he can gain about 12-15 pounds { 195-200 is a goal } his run defense will be that much better . He had a tough go a couple times going against 235 pound Smoot when he had a head of steam going for Springfield but never backed down . Quickness is his game and gains in strength and size will make him a force next year. Morris has the potential to be in the mold of Griffin Hoak in this defense . Not saying he's as good as Griffin but will play that role as he did this year but I believe he will be a more productive guy next year with his experience and development.

Williams with a handful of power five offers is a stud. Good speed , range and made a ton of plays . Played a lot of snaps . Can fill in at RB . good feet. Can get stronger and a bit thicker , take on blocks a bit better and get better at bringing guys down in a forceful way. Smart an instinctive with a lot of tools is the definition of a power five recruit . Requisite size and speed but most important requisite attitude will put him a position to go where he wants to . He could be a truly special player next year .

We have said a lot about Mr. Threats as you all know. Kid is a flat out baller . DESIRE , work ethic , wants to be the best and will work for it , is a excellent teammate who makes others better by his presence , picks up his teammates, wants to be an emotional leader on the team . Again wants to be the best and has the attitude that he is . You can't buy that type of belief in yourself. He has that confidence and belief because he knows he's worked for it , you are always more confident when you have studied for the test, , put in the work right? Same goes for athletics . Threats is a strong athlete with powerful leg strength , good speed , runs hard with the football and to the football on defense. Sure tackler who will strike you HARD , tackle from behind speed , with LB force near the line of scrimmage. Probably a nickel corner if he plays defense at the next level but may be strong enough to play safety as well. I likened him to a young Bob Sanders who went on to play at Iowa and the Indianapolis Colts . Sanders also played RB in HS at Erie Cathedral Prep in PA . Threats is a better running back than he was though. Jump cuts, balance , toughness , instincts, strength to run through tackles , he kind of looks like the HS version of the Packers Aaron Jones . He is versatile, tough , fast and most importantly has the 'ATTITUDE" that the best players have . Leadership qualities and being a great teammate are also there for what I think is a complete package. Best football player on the team . Be interesting to see where and when he plays defense next year as he will surely be counted on to produce on offense . Also the most versatile player .

Defense can be truly special next year no question . Kirk at safety is the x factor but if he can come back and play , they will have 9 guys back who are proven productive players with a couple more who played some snaps . Long streak of not giving up 30 or more points . Top 5 in the state at what I think is now 26 games? Pasteur has it at his site . I like their chances to extend it next year .


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Happy New Year to all , hope everyone had a great holiday season . It is this week that many 'Programs" start their off season training in earnest. It is the work and improvement that happens from now until the end of July before camp starts that determines whether or not teams play to their potential or not. If you watch any High school football documentary or have inside knowledge of the most successful programs in the country you know that it is not easy being top dog , or being really good every year.

Winning is hard . It's hard work . It's having a plan and sticking to it . It is about getting as many of your guys to apply themselves to becoming bigger stronger and faster . Working on their skills , strength , agility and when doing the necessary work that this involves becoming more confident people and players.

Finishing up on the defense from the post above I failed to mention a key to the defensive line who is graduating . Colton Wolfe just may be the guy who will be hardest to replace as he was a force inside on defense and also played on the offensive line a chunk of the time becoming the first pretty much full time two way starter on the interior line in Coach Crabtree's tenure. His partner and fellow Senior on the interior defensive line Nick Sayles had a great year and was a great example of someone who really made great strides as a part time rotation guy as a Junior to a full time productive Senior . Made a ton of plays and will be a hard guy to replace. Last year we said the Offensive line and the inside LB spot were the biggest questions along with a first year starting QB . This coming year it looks like the inside defensive line is the spot where the most rebuilding needs to happen . You are going to need to find a few guys who can get the job done. They will have great support behind them as they have all 4 LB'S returning two corners and hopefully multiple offered including OSU AJ Kirk comes back for his Senior year after missing this season .

DE Russell another D-1 guy with multiple offers will anchor the outside along the line of scrimmage . DE Diallo who was utilized on defense after Threats emerged as the top dog at RB, will also be missed . Two underclassmen saw some action on the D-Line and made some contributions when injury's had them on the field . Offseason work will be really important for these few individuals. Program kids Simpson who started some last season and Chappa will graduate opening up a safety / nickel corner spot . Simpson was a tough competitor and Chappa did a nice job on both sides of the ball when asked to make plays .

WR and about 4-5 kids needing to step up on the interior lines seem to be the most pressing needs. There are a few who will need to be evaluated further to see if they are best on the O-Line or on the defensive front . Will we see another play two ways at least part time ? Will be going over the offensive prospects for next year shortly . Some key losses but some nice pieces back as well . Last year I thought the strength of the team going into the season was the defense. It was a good unit to be sure. I figured both Kirk as safety and Bramonte at DE would be with the unit . They didn't play a snap as Kirk wasn't with the team after camp for all intents and purpose. Bramonte moved to Florida . Both made a ton of plays in 2018 as Kirk was kind of the QB of the secondary and Bramonte was a problem coming off the edge and had made huge strides during the off-season in size and strength gains along with becoming more explosive . 1-AA offers came his way .

Off -season at all levels of football brings reflection , change and sometimes a new beginning . You hear the idea of culture change , or the need to strengthen the culture . I will be talking about what kind of things define 'Culture " or things that are important to having a strong winning culture in the next day or so.

Reading Jerome coach Geciwich's twitter feed I saw an interesting recent post. He talked out making the commitment , buying in and making the effort year round to become better and get as near your potential as possible . This was the gist of what he getting at without saying the exact phrases in some cases. Geciwich saw may be the best example of what a wining 'Culture" is at Marion Local . He is as we all know a great motivator and has done a great job coaching kids up . He mentioned that this year's Senior class only won two games as Freshman but were a huge part of winning their league , making the play-offs and winning a play-off game this season. Coffman's most recent example of this dynamic came in 2013 where that Senior group lost a lot of ballgames as 7th 8th and 9th grade players.

In fact they go beat by almost 40 at Upper Arlington who had kids like Jared Drake, Chris Frey and Speilman's kid who was bigger than most everyone else at that age. The 2013 Seniors with help from a good group of Juniors beat UA to make the play-offs and also win a game in week 11 . UA's dominant Frosh group didn't make the play-offs that year as Senior's . Geciwich's point is simple , it isn't where you start when joining the program but rather the growth and improvement that comes along with hard work and determination that will define you in the end .

He also notes that all his teams offensive points came from kids who went to the feeder schools in that part of the Dublin district . Commendable and in line with his 'homegrown " motto ". Kids move into Dublin when their parents get jobs as it is a great place to raise kids . They move out sometimes as well when Dad or Mom gets the next gig in another city. Coffman is a great place to play your HS football . Not much they don't have to offer kids and their families . They have had some years they get some move in's transfers that help the team. Jerome not so much historically. Jerome district which parents fought hard for keeping as mostly the richest part of town back in the day simply ahs less affordable housing options if a family is coming in from a less wealthy area to give their kids a better palce to learn compete and grow in.

Some years Coffman has no move in's of much if any consequence and if you dig deep into who ahs started and played bigger roles the last decade the vast majority were either long term Coffman district kids or came in Middle school and were at Coffman from day one Frosh year. Success attracts, great academics attract , tradition attracts , players getting offers attracts as well. Jerome has a wining culture , but their demographics , lack of affordable housing options limits who may move in and want to be part of the wining culture and great academic atmosphere.

Geciwich emphasizes this because he;'s smart and it's true . They are not for the above reasons going to get many kids who will move into that part of the district to play for the Celtics. Geciwich has also noted that he has a ton of wins coming into the program from the younger classes. In fact he has the strongest classes in Dublin the last 4 years. The rising Juniors , Sophs. , Frosh and 8th graders were the cream of the Dublin district winning most if not ALL their games when facing Coffman and Scioto feeders .

He also brilliantly played up the disrespect card with both decks stating that there were people in the Dublin community predicted that they would win only a couple games this season. Now truth be told I thought a 500 record was more likely than not , BUT I find it hard to believe many if any in Dublin thought they would be flailing around at 2-8 either. He sold it well and even if true it was a tiny percentage of people who would have thought that and if they did they don't really know what's up .

It will be interesting how he motivates with his school having the most talent in the coming years? Wil he welcome players whose families want to upgrade their athletic and academic situations and give their kids a better environment ? He certainly has built a special 'Culture " there and with increased talent levels he will be poised if not expected to get Jerome to that next level of success and expectations . Coffman like Expectations ?

As we head to year 20 of Coach Crabtree's tenure , the Rocks have made the play-offs 17 of the 19 years , have not had a losing season or even a 500 record . 6-4 was the worst and that came a year after the Dublin school split with a younger team which came in 10th in the region missing the playoffs . The other non play-off season was in 2008 when they went 7-3 losing three games by a combined 15 points including a one point loss a 4 point defeat and a 10 point loss when they dropped two touchdown passes { At Kilbourne , BRUTAL } . All three losses were to play-off teams { Davidson and UA the other two in games that were razor close } .

Crabtree's teams have won at least 8 regular season games in 14 of his 19 seasons. Consistency of product and performance is a big component of a wining ' Culture" . Enjoy the football today guys , Happy New Year and hopefully the Big Ten can have a nice day.


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A lot of good stuff in your post. I can definitely confirm the move in dynamic in Dublin. Most people don’t realize that corporate Presidents and Vice Presidents don’t stay at on company or location for more than 2-3 years. That is the price they pay to make the big bucks. Most of the transient Presidents and VPs move to Dublin or Olentangy, buy a $900,000 home and sell it when the get fired or the next promotion to another location. I have been told that their families are pretty good at adapting to multiple relocations. Personally, I am not wired that way, nor are my boys so I have really limited my career path by not being open to relocating or traveling so much that I have to miss my boys events/games. I have not missed any of their games over the past 20 years unless they were playing at the same time in different locations.
Dublin Jerome does have a strong 2023 class. The Central 2023 class faced Jerome last year in the finals of a basketball tournament.


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Licking Valley from what i have heard from a parent who for the better part of the last 2 decades has had a boy in the program is set up well for years to come with exceptional talent from the 5th - 6th grades all the way up.
They are the winningest playoff program in the State without a State Title to show for it behind Mentor and Massillon. As they passed Shadyside in Playoff Wins this year.
Best of luck to them.
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Il will be keeping a keen eye on Licking Valley in the next 5-6 years as I have heard many good things about those 5th and 6th graders who project very well to the next level { Middle school} . They will surely get to the promised land at some point . Hey may be someone can start a thread Licking Valley 2020 'And beyond" ? I'll surely read it to track the 11 and 12 year old's progress.


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All levels of football are nearing their end as it is easily the time of year that goes by the fastest . Spring into Summer going towards fall the slowest. I guess we just like football best , so like a great iced mocha coffee drink , or that Nestle's Quik tall glass of chocolate milk when you were a kid , it is too good to drink it slowly . Football season's fly by .

We ended the HS season going against the line white hot , CFB is ending shortly with a few games left and only one with major interest. 7-4 in the last 11 in Bowl action with big wins { Best bets} with Georgia who cruised by Baylor with a lame duck coach and who were just not as good as Georgia . 3.5 was light here I had it at a TD. Not a blowout win but very comfortable and a controlled win . Georgia was my largest play in the last decade plus as they crushed Hawaii back in 2008 in the Sugar bowl . They were only laying 7 to open . 41-3 in the 4th quarter .

Anyway Notre Dame over Iowa State { see a theme ? big 12 ? kind of overvalued} and LSU over Oklahoma were step out plays . Wisconsin was a best bet loss . Thought I had the right side there actually. Other losses to end were BYU - 2.5 losing by a few to Hawaii { embarrassing} VA Tech laying a couple losing by 6 vs Kentucky , and Ohio State who I thought would win by a TD vs. Clemson . Tough one as we all saw . Other wins included Minnesota + 7 over Auburn Navy over K-State laying a couple, Penn State - 7 over Memphis although I though the game would be lower scoring, it still cashes the same lol. And finally Ohio last night over Nevada in a game I barely watched { I have limits} .

Getting back to the Ohio State game , it did remind me a bit of Coffman's quarterfinal loss to Springfield . First half Coffman controlled completely but only had a 3 point lead. You got to cash in when you are moving the ball and stopping in the other team in an even match-up . Snap for snap I thought OSU was a bit better than Clemson and I thought Coffman was slightly better than Springfield. But as we see sometimes the better team doesn't always win and in close match-ups not finishing drives and cashing in when you are controlling the game often comes b ack to haunt you in the second half as teams make adjustments and momentum can shift. I am happy some of the guys out here cashed in as well using these plays.

OSU did get jobbed by a bad replay call . Basically took a TD away . These things happen unfortunately and very good to great teams need to overcome them . The realm reason OSU lost was they simply didn't score enough when they were dominating the action , made a few key mental errors at bad times and Clemson made some nice adjustments and gained momentum and got the lead and held on . Coffman had their version of the dropped Dobbins pass as a walk in TD was negated by a kid running into his won guy trying to block someone when there was no one to block { They missed the subsequent short field goal } . Dobbins also missing a chunk of time due to injury { another parallel to Coffman as threats spraining his ankle was huge as he also came back but wasn't quite the same } The other near miss was on Fields as he could have just put the ball on a wide open Dobbins but made him dive and he couldn't come up with it . { Coffman also missed a chance for a walk in TD with a deep completion the kid had to dive for which eh came up with but the drive stalled inside the 20 }

The targeting call being a 15 yarder as correct BUT the ejection wasn't the right call . Their over aggressiveness on Lawrence was a decent strategy but again it went just a tad too far there in that instance . A simple shoulder to the sternum would have sufficed just fine there .

The Roughing the punter by the young Freshman should have never happened at all. Now I see why they thought they could get to the punter as on two previous punts the guys got pretty close . I was thinking myself that may be at some point you really go after if the game flow and reality dictates may be taking a chance . BUT when the ball is going to be punted from near the goal line? You think Risk reward. What is the risk ? Well it was what happened. They keep the ball after your defense steps up and lose a chance to pad your lead with a shorter field { your own 45 at LEAST with any kind of return or a subpar punt take over in their territory } . The reward? Well when a punt is blocked that deep in your territory what happens more than not ? It goes into the end zone . So sometimes it squirts out of bounds sideways or goes out of the end zone which gives you TWO points . Yes you get the ball back when they free kick it to you but the free kick is more apt to go much further into your territory than a punt under some pressure from the goal line . So if it stays in the end zone you can recover for a TD , BUT the odds are about 50 -50 as to which team recovers it right? The punting team often kicks it out of bounds or swiped at it to go out of bounds .

Is a more likely TWO points worth the risk of a penalty there losing a chance to get the ball in great field position and at that point of the game GET BACK momentum ? I hated that they went for it there. Setting up a nice return would have been the better choice there. You take the get the ball back in great position to get a possible 7 points or a good shot at 3 points.

Little things make the difference in even match-ups. The other thing OSU fans need to realize is the Buckeyes failed to do what was probably their biggest goal defensively . Defensive coaches were emphasizing getting to Lawrence and hitting him hard being very physical with him . They were , once unfortunately a bit too physical . The other main goal was to limit BIG PLAYS. Well they gave up one too many over the course of the game including a ridiculous 65 yard TD run to get the game to two points before Halftime . 94 yards in 4 plays at the end? Bucs came back like the great team they are but a mental gaffe breaking off a route that was going to be there and was there in fact and could have won the ballgame , ended the ballgame . Brutal . Looking at Coffman's three losses this year they ALL came down to a few plays in very narrow losses in games they could have easily won and probably should have won as in all three cases were better in varying degrees than the opponents they lost to .

One of the big disappointments of the season of course was losing by a point to their rival costing the a chance to win the league outright. If you look at the league which was the last year of this version of the league and analyzed the games it was fairly clear that Coffman was the best team.

There were 4 teams out of 6 that were play-off caliber and two who clearly were not . If you look at each of the top 4 teams games against the other three it was evident that Coffman's three games were more impressive taken as a whole. Lost by one point to Davidson but handled Marysville and UA pretty well. Marysville lost to all three but was more competitive with UA and Davidson than they were Coffman .UA probably should have lost to Marysville the way the game went , lost to Coffman by a couple scores and just got by Davidson .

Davidson lost to UA and were down 14-0 and being outplayed by Marysville , but bounced back well as Marysville wilted in the second half . Played their best game of the season vs Coffman no question making a huge plays when needed { 60 yard pass a late pick on a deflected pass a key 4th down run when the play looked hopeless} but I think like in 2016 when they also won by one point { Coffman won 24-3 in the rematch } I think If they played again Coffman wins , not by 21 but wins the game because they were a bit better overall. and certainly would have made adjustments using their staples that they inexplicably eschewed in the 15-14 loss { QB Mathews never ran the ball and there was no play action passes }

One thing to look at going into 2020 is making the plays when needed to take control of some games and use al their assets to the best of their ability . Mentioned the problems in the Springfield game and the Davidson game , and lastly in the Pick North two point loss it was being up 2 Touchdowns with a couple chances to add to the lead and not using their best player and Running back Threats on offense at all for some reason I can't figure out . PN schemed to slow the run game down which the Rocks were doing very well going in, and they did a great job , but did it not having to stop the Rocks best weapon who wasn't hurt and played defense all night.


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NFL playoff action commenced and there was one great game and one that was less than thrilling but may be dignified the end of an era . Going in I thought the Under was the most obvious opinion . Titans HC Mike Vrabel of course was a key member of the Patriots first few Super Bowls in the earlier 2000s . Defensive coordinator Dean Pees was also a member of the Patriots staff a while back and this duo drew up a great game plan last year in Nashville beating the Patriots pretty easily .

Fast forward to this year and the Patriots with less weapons and not an explosive team whatsoever resorting to trick plays more than ever the last month or so and you had the makings of a slugfest.

Derek Henry was going to be featured going against the weakness of the Patriots defense which is being susceptible to being bullied up front was going to bleed the clock big time . Patriots were as usual going to be hard to hit a home run against in the passing game .

Won that total easily and a lesser amount on Tenn + 5.5 But lost a tough one with Buffalo + 2.5 ad I thought they were just better than Houston and the porous Texans O line would be a problem . Was really right for about 3 quarters but football games are 4 quarters and Buffalo kind of imploded and will not forget this one for quite some time .

Kirk Cousins vs. Drew Brees . Saints revenge for the miracle win a couple years ago is my initial thought along with being home and the offense firing on all cylinders . Hate laying 7 or more in these games though. Second game is a mash unit matchup with both the Eagles and Seahawks really banged up . Tossup ?


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" Off season programs" are under way in force as the best Programs realize that what happens from January till the end of July before two a day camp starts can be crucial in a team reaching their potential which is or should be the goal of all programs .

I went over the defensive losses returnees and prospects for next year and I do believe that it has the potential to be a real dominant group. Obviously AJ Kirk coming back or not coming back is a big X factor , but the returning starters as they are without him is a reason for some optimism. The Unit still needs a few guys up front to work their butts off and improve to an extent that they can do their job to complement the more known commodities. I have thought about ' Culture " for a couple week snow and will have a post on what I feel are the main aspects of building, maintaining and growing a culture in a program this week at some point.

Offensively there are 6 guys back who started and played a lot of football . There are a couple others that saw some action. Key losses are kids who played two ways part of the time. Diallo was needed at defensive end more than he was at RB after threats emerged as the main guy at RB, But will be missed. Offensive guard Wolfe played more on the D-Line than the O-Line as the season went on but was the teams best overall lineman and is a huge loss. Receiver Williamson was a difference maker and made big plays all year and is getting some deserved attention from some 1-AA attention is wading through some offers from other smaller schools as well. Also a very good track athlete { 400 }.

Offensive lineman and two year starter Kelly was also a productive player and loss on the O-line as was one year starter at right tackle Werling.. Other receivers Chappa and Moriarty were good solid 'program " kids who were productive and the receiving position is one of need no question. Yousey at 6-3 200 had some injury issues and got off to a slower start but made a few key plays and I thought they didn't utilize him enough but when you are more of a running team the touches are harder to come by for Receivers. My advice to him is to play at a Prep school or JC and get some tape out there because He has potential that unfortunately wasn't realized at Coffman as he was a late position change kid as he was a QB earlier on.

Drennan of course is also graduating but in terms of being a loss for next year's team? Not really , because he wasn't out there very much this past year and his production was pretty limited especially in big games where he either didn't dress or played very little and wasn't near the contributor he was last year . So was missed more THIS year than he will be next year . Have given my thoughts on this many times as you all know. Sophomore and Senior year he did very little . Not sure what his injury's were exactly as he was in a boot as early as the 7 on 7 portion of the off-season watching the action . Not sure what it was or when and how he did it . Missed the first two games completely and was a bit player in the next three . Played two games as a main starter but missed the last three regular season games. Again didn't see of know the nature of the injury was that caused the last three games absence including rivals Davidson and UA . Played and contributed in weeks 6 and 7 and didn't know what the injury was that kept him out in weeks 8-10 . Played in week 11 against overmatched Perrysburg and for a half against Whitmer before hurting himself at halftime. Missed the rest of the game and was a non factor the next week in a final 8 game vs Springfield .

Was the MVP his Junior year making a lot of key plays in close wins and was very productive. Had a really solid Frosh year as he was the first Frosh to ever start for Coach Crabtree at Coffman. Disappointing career overall to be honest and is the consensus . Hope his problems aren't structural in terms of the frequency of missing games because of foot issues { Last game was a bad hand he hurt himself} but have heard he is fine in that regard by a Kentucky source which is the school he seems to be set to go to but hasn't officially committed yet and he will be the last guy in this Kentucky class to do so as this is their last slot to fill . A good fit at Kentucky to play slot in their offense and I hope he can stay healthy and have a better college career than HS. 40 D-1 offers , kid is very talented , great overall skill set , quick feet, moves , shake, good not great straight line speed , excellent hands , football savvy , good student as well and will have no problems academically . Good luck to him with his decision and his future football days. Good kid who may have gotten questionable advice at certain times is my honest take and one that many share.

Mathews coming back at QB will be the first Coffman returning starter at QB since 2015 when Gunnar Hoak returned after starting in 2014 . He improved steadily as the year went on and his running ability is calling card. He needs to work on his mechanics , footwork as most HS QB's need to and throwing a more catchable ball with some more nuance. Throwing motion needs a bit of work and his core needs to get stronger so he can not have to overthrow at times and have a more smooth delivery to get the ball there quicker without having to overthrow with better weight transfer? Getting the ball out quicker with improved footwork is another key.

I was talking to a few guys about less kids playing baseball these days and how growing up almost every QB also played baseball . Of course back in my day everyone played at least two sports and many of us three , but today specialization is more prevalent. I do believe that having a baseball back-round in terms of improving your throwing arm growing up can help later on when playing QB even with the different motions involved. less QB's play baseball now , less kids play baseball , lacrosse is bigger .

Threats back at RB is huge of course , he is said not be a natural RB by some scouts but I disagree somewhat.
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Offense cont.

Threats has good RB attributes though he may be a more " natural " defender at the next level. But to me as I have said a few times defensively he is a bit bigger Bob Sanders { Iowa, and Colts safety } and offensively he reminds me a bit of the Packers Aaron Jones. 5-9 and a half , big strong thighs , great strength for his size , jump cut , improving vision as he gets more reps , competes for every yard , and good breakaway 'Game speed. Good hands , not a natural pass catcher in the Drennan class at this moment but can make plays in the passing game. Will bock and is a true competitor. Plays bigger than he is , has infectious energy. Good players inspire themselves great players inspire others. He is in the latter category at this level . He was the MVP this year and the consensus of the Coffman community is he was easily the best overall football player. He has that rare attitude where he not only wants to be the best and will work hard for it , but thinks he is the best on the field regardless of who else is out there. That kind of confidence coupled with his work ethic and affect on his teammates is what sets him apart in my opinion. His ankle sprain in the Springfield game was huge and a big factor in them not winning a close game.

Mathews showed very good running ability and made plays consistently , I have said that him not running vs Davidson was a huge mistake and it hurt them . Good solid competitor , pretty physical runner for his size deceptive speed { sneaky} some moves , should only get better and be better next year. X-Factor is rising Junior Maggs who has D-1 frame and look about him. He got some reps last year but needs more this year as his arm can be special. I see him playing some and Mathews may be being the starter but also in certain packages being on the field as well as Maggs who will be at QB .Utilizing all your assets is huge.

O-Line returns three , All three rising Seniors . Center Simpson , Guard Belding , and left tackle Warnsman. Simpson is near 6 feet about 230 Belding ditto and about 225 . So not big but were effective . Good goals for them with 6 foot frames are to pack on about 20 or so pounds , should be able to do it with hard work and gains in strength which will make them better athletically as well, In fact the development of these two along with another 4-5 interior lineman in the off-season is crucial to the teams reaching their potential given the talent the team ahs overall. Great programs make great strides and improvements in the off-season.

Warnsman is a D-1 kid IMO. 6-3 And a half at the least and 275 pounds with room to grow ? Good feet and technique and a lot of potential. In real Estate they use the term 'COMPS" to set the market and as a tool to price similar property's. We do this is sports analysis as well , recruiters draft people and GM'S . My comp for Warnsman is Sam McCollum who played and started 4 years at Miami . Now that is rare and was a may be was a question of Miami being in rebuild then but he rates comparably to me a the same stage. He has some great tape. Not sure why he doesn't have MAC offers at least at this point . He shows good range, uses his hands well with good punch and strength and I detect a bit of a mean streak.

Not a mean nasty kid as some are, BUT he shows little mercy at times when driving kids downfield and pancaking them or pushing them around . As good potentially as a few Liberty kids the last few years who got offers at MAC and lesser B-10 school . This is the time for him to train for college money as it were . Get in top shape the next few months and hit the camp circuit. He will be a D-1 player IMO just a matter of where .

Hedderly at receiver will be a Junior and made some plays and got some great experience as a Sophomore . He can good , he can be really good if he works hard . Runs well , needs to get faster and quicker but probably will to an extent and has the frame to get stronger and again I am sure he will.

At every school there are kids who are walking the halls who are more than capable of being a productive football player if they applied themselves . I am talking about kids who choose not to come out . As a Freshman Wide receiver McDonald was a force with Maggs throwing him the ball in 2018 . He is a legit 6-4 if not taller now about 180 pounds but chose to not come out this year . Seems like he chose to concentrate on hoops . Well he doesn't seem to be playing varsity this season, { He could be hurt , I suppose, not sure } so I am not sure what kind of prospect he is and there are certainly late bloomers BUT there are many kids I see who have more potential in football than other sports but choose to quit football . Ohio Scout Mark Porter of scouting Ohio has written about this a few times. So many Guards or small forwards have such good potential to be corners or safety's and receivers . This kid actually played football land did well his Frosh year and to me he has the tools to be a D-1 prospect . He is attending school at a very good D-1 traditional program with a QB who can get him the ball . He could step right in and contribute next year . 6-4 - 6-5 with good athletic ability and hands don't grow on trees , with these tools you automatically get looks by college recruiters . PERIOD ? College is expensive, I do realize some kids don't like football and never play it , but some kids do play it at younger ages are good at it , have good potential to succeed at it later on but stop playing often to pursue another sport where sadly they don't have the same potential .

As Vince Trombetti once said when he grew frustrated that some good football players quit to pursue other sports. "Those kids aren't as good a the other sports as they think they are, quitting football is a mistake for many. Not sure if kids read this space or not , but recruiting within your own building can make a difference , this type of talent needs to be told they can be very good at football but they need to want to and will be welcomed. I have some good story's that some of us told when I was back home for the holidays about some of our coaches trying to get a few reluctant kids out for football.

Be back to write about aspects of culture than sets programs apart . Coffman has a very good culture , but like all organizations , company's , teams et al, they are always a work in progress and need to be worked on be maintained and then improved on. If you are staying the same , you are getting worse .
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Long before the letters CTE were an issue , and when getting your 'bell rung" as we called it was almost a badge of honor that proved you would stick your helmet deep into the football fray, getting hurt or being concerned about head trauma was never a reason you could use to not play for your high school football team . Of course now in the age of specialization and deep understanding on how the brain can be affected by repeated trauma you have more not opting to play than ever before.

Nothing wrong with not playing and there are valid reasons for many not to partake. Football is an uncomfortable game to play . It was the most uncomfortable of the three sports I played { baseball , hockey } , no getting around going to camp , the off-season conditioning and lifting that was necessary to have a shot at playing time , at least where I played was a grind especially if you were also participating in other sports. . High level commitment , large school, a lot of good players, good numbers , high expectations and a history of success .

A big part of 'culture " is expectations and looking around at what everyone else is doing. Is not working at it an option ? At most even average programs , no not working at it isn't an option. What separates the good from the great is in the details and effort. You need a plan , you need to follow through with it and just work hard at it consistently. Players in programs with good cultures simply don't think not showing up at workouts is an option. Like in a family that values education , it is simply not an option for kids in that family to not take some challenging classes , to miss school and not apply yourself.

Kids look around and are influenced by what others are doing. When choosing a place to live , parents with kids often look at the school system and think about what the expected outcome is for kids in that district . Are my kids going to be around other kids who are expected to do well in school and expected to apply themselves. Kids fall in line and want to conform to the expectation . Your kids friends are working to get good grades and do the work necessary to have options as to where they can reasonably apply to college? The odds are your kid will do pretty much the same thing and have the same mindset.

Athletic training and expectations work the same way. The best and most successful football cultures are the ones that have the highest 'buy in " percentage amongst it's players . You try to create such a strong brotherhood that it is unfathomable to most players that they can not work hard and try to maximize their potential in order to help the team. Like in a strong family , going to work and working hard is a standard expectation . The idea of loafing and not taking good care of your family and yourself never registers. There is no other way of doing things. Unfortunately some kids see another example and may repeat the cycle , they see a poor example and the cycle can repeat itself.

Same with a football program or any organization. Strong cultures have the expectations set high, players are expected to work hard together , build trust and get better as a unit. How do you feel if you are a running back or a quarterback and your offensive lineman are going through the motions in off -season training? Do you feel good about your prospects if they just stay the same from Junior to Senior year in strength , size and agility ? If you are a lineman are you digging your skill guys doing just enough to keep their starting positions ? Of course not.

Some of the best memory's many of us have in athletics and being part of a team have isn't the big game or even big wins and personal achievement . It's the moments you spend with your brothers sacrificing , working , and sweating together . You talk about the hardest practices you had together , puke buckets, going away to camp three a days in 90 and humid conditions so sore you couldn't throw a rock into the lake without wincing, , Oklahoma drills , funny story's and laughing at each other and yourself. Moments before big games and looking each other in the eyes knowing the work you put in to be able to compete t a high level in this moment. It's why coaches at big moments before big games often tell their players to remember all the work they put in , the drills, the repetitions , the weights , the blood sweat and sometimes tears that were spilled that were necessary to get you to this point.

Cultures are built on these concepts and the feelings players have about doing their part within the larger unit to make it stronger. Yu don't want to let your brothers down by not working hard and doing your part to reach your potential. The best coaches really mean it when they say that the most satisfying seasons and ones they and their staff are most proud of and look back most fondly of aren't always the ones that produce the most wins or even a championship . You think Brian White is a good coach? He really means it when he talks about one of his teams that was average on a good day was probably his best coaching job, because they all bought in and worked as hard as any team he has had to reach their full potential .

The bottom line is winning cultures try to get as many players as possible to work hard I trying to reach their full potential as possible . When this happens of course the team has a great chance to reach it's full potential. How many players get that full year of development and maximize their potential over the few years they are in the program? How do players hold each other accountable ? How do the older more veteran players help and motivate the younger unproven guys to make them feel part of the teams and then feel they have a responsibility to carry on the tradition ? If players don't fell part of the whole , they drift off from the pack like a crumb from a piece of cake. The best of the best encourage the back-ups or less gifted to work to tier potential , not just the stars of starters . Everyone is important to the operation and adding to it's culture.

Average programs don't have the first time Senior starters play at a high enough level because they didn't improve enough when they were JV players or on starters because they weren't thought of as valuable members because they weren't starters on Friday night and the older guys didn't push them and help them get that they were a big part of the team and there were expectations to work really hard because at some point before they graduate they would be out there on Friday night being counted on .

Mediocrity becomes a habit as does excellence . Getting as many guys to take the actions necessary to reach as close to their full potential as possible is a not so secret sauce to excellence . How many guys as we sit here in cold gray dreary conditions in Mid January 7 months away from
" GO TIME " are doing the work that will satisfy the high expectations that the strong culture demands?

I have always been interested in what separates teams company's and organizations. Team dynamics , leadership , and the strong cultures that make excellence possible. I have watched many documentary's , read a lot story's, worked in good and bad cultures and see what has bene successful or less so . The strong cultures nationally over the years in High school football that many know about go about their business in different ways strategically and logistically sometimes , but the crux of the matter is a lot of what I wrote above .

Many more thoughts on these programs and other aspects of winning cultures that produce consistent excellence .


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Off season training now in full swing for the serious. Hoops and other winter sports nearing the end of the regular season and prepping for tournament runs while those football players not participating in those sports work in rooms without fans watching trying to get a bit bigger , a bit faster and a bit stronger .

All time great programs I have seen read about or know about have some common traits that define their success . There are a few different ways to skin a cat of course when it comes to schemes , philosophy's and methods . But the one irreplaceable constant is very simple. WORK.

Like champion boxers are made in sometimes small windowless heat boxes with little air in them making those who train for battle sweat as if doing their best Moses Malone impersonations [ pellets dripping from the free throw line kept many an extra towel boy employed in NBA arenas in his time } football excellence can only be attained by a similar sacrifice of uncomfortableness . Squats , cleans and dead lifts are a necessary evil that those daring to be as good as they can be must go through . Any fool can lie on bench and try to get a cut chest to look better, but the real work of the football lifts is not for everyone. Training like a champion takes mental toughness and a commitment to excellence .

The best of the best programs have demanding coaches and mentors who do a great job of getting players to buy into the 'Process " of getting better. The only way to get better in anything ? WORK . Reps , study , purposeful attention to details . Then go back to work and do it all over again . The fun in in the ultimate success of course but fun can be had before this . Any of us who have gone through this type of commitment will tell you that when it's over , it often isn't the big play on the field or the big victory that is often remembered most. It is during the struggle the sacrifice that is done with your brothers and that bond that is made through it. The camaraderie the crap you give each other, the laughs , the meals , the rides home on the bus after a big win and even the memory of shared disappointment can become a memory that is valued.

They say that the NFL is a copycat league. Well LIFE is a copycat existence. All good coaches try to learn from others, themes and methods can become more universal. Company's watch each other , observe , take notes. Excellence in any field requires constant tweaking , attention to the small details and an awareness that you will never know it all or be beyond improvement. This takes reps . Consistent success is a process that requires the commitment to work and detail and constant learning that can help you adjust to different dynamics .

Coach Brian White leaving Davidson is the end of a tremendous era of Davidson football . This doesn't mean they can't be great again , it just means that this era is over. Odessa Permian is famed and had a 30 year run of incredible success and consistency . CB West under legendary coach Mike Pettine had a similar run in length . White had a shorter run but incredibly impressive. There are other that I will mention in the coming weeks but with White stepping down it made me notice the similarities in both the Permian run and the CB West era of dominant success .

As most know Odessa Permian is the program that Friday Night Lights made famous nationwide. It was legendary in Texas well before this however. Not blessed with the impressive size and speed of many other top big school Texas HS programs the Panthers did it with incredible attention to detail and a he commitment to practicing long hours , countless reps and a system that was run from 7th grade on . Kids entered Permian in 10th grade pretty much well versed in the 'system. Run based but knew that there would be opportunity's for chunk plays with the right personnel threw it 12-15 times a game on average in their prime . Ran a version of the Wing T with a flanker who would line up on the wing often and a SE . Many formations and variations made them difficult to defend . They unlike Davidson did adjust their play selection and modus operandi to the personnel they had on hand at the time .

Davidson established their program by adopting a run only option based system that bleeds the clock and is designed to keep their defense fresh and off the field especially which was very important when they advanced further in the play-offs and ran into teams with superior personnel . White's teams did pass a bit more early on but he seemed to go away from that pretty early on. Before the Hilliard school split he seemed to have better offensive lines on average than he did in recent years. Seeing quotes from Permian coaches over the years, watching clips of them and obviously seeing Davidson play for a while now , the similarities are readily apparent.

Permian had a legendary of -season workout program that had the team in great shape before camp started. They were a bit ahead of their time I that respect in even football obsessed Texas. They practices longer hours than most and their coaches ran the program more like a college program organizationally . Tremendous buy I rates with the players and incredible support from the community were staples.

They did it emphasizing quickness as their core talent base wasn't blessed with tremendous size. Davidson often has lacked ideal size as we all know. Both programs had undersized players who over performed due to sheer diligence work ethic and the work they committed to in the off-season. Watching the way Permian's offensive line came off the ball , the angles , the double teams , the cut blocks in very Davidson like . Didn't run the option but some of the same blocking schemes . Came off the ball getting into the body's of the bigger defenders so quickly they consistently got that coveted 4 yards a pop al a Davidson . Tough quick defenses , Permian 4-3 base , Davidson 50 shade but a ton of lunch pail carrying smaller quick tough kids who played fundamentally sound and tackled well .

Both programs took pride in winning at the highest levels with a paucity of legit D-1 kids in football talent rich states at the large school level., The incredible attention to detail , the off -season work , the getting the most possible out of their players , strong run games and the tremendous 'Buy in " rate of it's players and the community are similar.

Just a read an article from about a decade ago featuring legendary Permian Coach John Wilkens and his recollections of his time at Permian as he was discussing the current state of education in West Texas . When discussing his philosophy to what was key to his success at Permian he mentioned a few things that may sound familiar. He was all about the " Controllables " knowing that his teams were going to be undersized knew that discipline and playing really sound fundamental football was necessary . Off season conditioning , dedication , and his exact word when discussing what the main keys were in why his teams won so much ? 'Very disciplined on the field , taking great care of the football , consistently making fewer mistakes than your opponents and strong kicking and special teams play. Sound familiar ?

Wilkens was 148-16 - 7 in 13 years with two state titles and 4 title game appearances . Sound familiar ? As a Coffman fan it has been sometimes maddingly frustrating to watch the efficiency of Davidson . Twice in just the last 4 years Davidson has beaten Coffman by one point in games in years where Coffman had the better club. 2016 Davidson won 7-6 with the big play being a fake punt late that was likely the difference but they were also more sound in scheme and fundamentally that night and with the win they won the league title . In week 11 Coffman proving they were better personnel wise won 24-3 but Davidson was league champ.

This past season the talent difference was evident . Davidson playing with more urgency and better fundamentally won 15-14 In both games Davidson was a bit more disciplined , more fundamentally sound and committed zero turnovers in both games and never made the big mental error . Davidson has more than not won the field position battle because of their lack of mistakes and a strong kicking game. Possess the ball , shorten the game , tremendous attention to detail , excelling fundamentally[Blocking and tackling} and strong special teams is a wining formula and both Permian and Davidson not only believed in these principles , but they didn't just talk about it they were about it .

Davidson did the right thing getting Scally back from 'Loan " across the river and will continue their program in a similar fashion but as in life conditions and dynamics change over time and the glory days don't last forever . The White era I believe won't be duplicated and it will be interesting to see where he might go next. Permian dynasty ended due to changing demographics , changing dynamics and the landscape of Texas big boy football . The key is to enjoy this type of success while it is happening and not take it for granted.

Lastly when you think of the legendary programs at al levels of football there are some or many these universal traits they share , and I must say it becomes even a little more clear this week with the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant that the main similarity whether it be Davidson , Permian or the Berwick and CB West programs out of PA is the main ingredient is in the 'WORK" . When asked about the mystical idea of Mojo 'Magic " Wilkens paused and said while that it was fine that opponents might think there was some kind of " Magic " going on after another loss to Permian , he and his staff knew full well that the 'Magic " was in the work they put in and in the attention to detail and disciple they played with.

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Nice write up on coach White and the Davidson program. What are your thoughts about Mike Drennan signing with Kentucky ? Another Lynn Bowden ? I have alot of family that are die hard UK fans. Me ? I like them but always have been an Ohio State fan even when I lived in Lexington as a wee lad. I sure did get alot of grief over that down there : )


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White is certainly under anyone's definition a truly 'Legendary" coach and that moniker shouldn't be given lightly. Incredible record , no scandal or hints of impropriety , old school and his players were consistently physically and mentally strong . Another parallel I may not have mentioned between Permian and Davidson was White and the few Permian coaches during their incredible 30 year run was getting the kids to play as hard as they could for as many plays as possible to more even the talent and size gap that each faced in the play-offs at different times Playing with fanatical effort more consistently than your opponents can be an equalizer. Both programs had the mantra 'Good things happen to good people ". All coaches preach play hard play physical , but with White it wasn't just talking , it was a day to day thing and he got his players to achieve a certain mind set that it became a habit . Success is a habit really, a daily grind and attention to the details

The best of the best really are better at this concept than the others. Continuity in coaching , community support , great work ethic and preparation , coaching hard , teaching motivating and ultimately building tradition which creates high expectations . If these things are present , great success can happen .

Berwick Pa. under George Curry had these attributes in spades. 1971- 2005 was the golden era , incredible run . Small town, depressed town , a fading manufacturing town which is the type of backdrop you see in the movies . Usually the image is of a coal mining town where the kids are part of a long generation of immigrants whose credo is hard work sweat , being tough and stoic and supporting your community . In Berwicks case they supported High school football to an obsessive degree. Like I have encouraged people to watch the Last game " documentary on the hall of famer Mike Pettine and Central Bucks West , there is a ton of interesting footage of Berwicks program , coach Curry including a Nightline special circa 1993 with Ted Koppell . The history of Berwick football is another interesting watch you can find on You Tube .

So my thoughts on Drennan over the years in this space are pretty evident . The great the good , the not so good and a real thudding end to his career . Kentucky was first and Drennan it is reported had 40 offers including most of the big boys{ Bama, Georgia OSU et al } save LSU and Clemson . UK top recruiter Vince Marrow was all over this kid from the time he was just about to turn 14 . Lynn Bowden? Not sure , I mean the thing that I can't get past when trying to predict a great college career for him is the fact that he couldn't stay on the field at the HS level . Never really knew how hurt his was or when he got hurt in the last year . Really solid Frosh year made the expectations really high for when eh got bigger and stronger which is how he appeared going into his second varsity season.
Soph Yr. I went over to the Westerville Central Scrimmage about 5 minutes or so after it started and saw him o the training table with his leg on the table and what looked like a lower leg /foot injury. He didn't appear in a game until week 8 { Davidson a 17-14 win and that was very sparingly} and it was universally thought that he may have ben able to come back sooner than that . Played a bit in week 9 vs Westland before missing the UA game in week 10 and in the brutal loss to Olentangy in week 11 after controlling the game most of the way was again a bit player overall . So Soph. season was pretty much an off year. Jr. Year he was the team MVP in my opinion as he was a big difference maker in some close wins and was more durable playing as the lead RB when Diallo missed a month or so and then in the slot . Showed his talent throughout the season which was a breakout year.

This past year I don't have to go back into as I have opined extensively about it. A dud of year where imo he wasn't the best football player on the team even when healthy and if I was to tell the truth I think there are a few Juniors who will eventually have better college careers than he will .

Talent is obvious , feet hands good but not top end speed, smart on the field and in the classroom . A good kid , but in terms of predicting greatness or even really goodness if you will t the college level ? Can't really honestly say it's a slam dunk . A ton of attention and a ton of hype . Production and watchin him on the field doesn't equal the attention and hype . Not being mean here just honest.

Recruiting 'Expert" Bill Greene wrote a glowing portrait of him yesterday . He was correct in most of his assessments { Talent , versatility , smart , was well coached and played in a very good program } but he also said that he has played 'A lot of football " over the last 4 years . Sorry but with al due respect to Greene and other 'Experts" That was flat out wrong . Over the last 3 years he has either missed altogether or been a minor part of the team in more games than he was fully available for games . Facts matter and for him to get that wrong is weird. The talent his smarts his versatility and production 'AT TIMES" IF NOT infrequently overall " et al are certainly a big part of his resume , but there is a part concerning his being hurt or just not playing that is also part of the equation which is why I can't definitively say he will be a consistent , durable productive player at UK .

I Will say it was telling that he didn't announce his commitment on Wednesday from Coffman as all the other kids in various sports including other football guys did , he kind of drifted a bit setting himself apart from the team , kind of part of it but not really , may be thinking he wasn't really part of the lesser mortals may be . Harsh ? Kind of but very accurate .


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Roughly a month into the off-season program of trying to improve , get a bit bigger stronger and faster [Quicker } and sharpen skills . Work on your craft as it was. Singing day has come and gone as two Coffman Seniors signed with D-1 programs . Drennan going with the school that came and offered first after receiving dozens of offers , and I think Kentucky is the right choice as they seem to have serious plans for him and will give him every chance to play and play early perhaps. WR/ SLOT Jameel Williamson got a well deserved late offer from Akron and he has been a very durable consistent contributor and broke a bit this year having a very productive season He can play defensive back as well .

Other Seniors will play college football at lower levels. Williamson will work hard and I think will eventually play a role on that team in a couple years . Drennan hopefully will avoid the nagging injury's that have plagued him and kept him off the field for large portions of time over the last three years. If he does he has a chance to be productive and valuable because you can't teach or develop the type of talent and skill he possesses.

Junior class is a very talented group that has 5 legit D-1 kids , some with double digit offers including many power fives. Speaking of Kentucky Devon Williams has committed early to the Cats . The 6-1 and change 215 OLB-DE has multiple offers and is a versatile LB , equally adept at rushing the passer where he has made multiple big plays the last couple years and can really cover folks in the passing game . Good instincts and had a real nice year after he dealt with an injury last year . Bryon Threats keep adding to his list of offers including recent ones from Michigan State and Purdue. Kentucky is also interested and I feel will go hard to get him . Only negative which I don't feel is all that big a deal is not possessing ideal height. Just a smidge under 5-10 , Threats may not be ideal as a true corner going against taller receivers , but he will flat out compete hard play bigger than he is and be a very good Nickel corner, safety or RB at the next level . Work ethic , toughness and being a great teammate will make him a asset wherever he goes and whatever position he plays.

DE Hammond Russell is also in the double digit range in offers including Kentucky and including Iowa State , Cincinnati , West Virginia , Pitt and Indiana . He really came on from Soph to Jr. year making huge strides physically. Plays hoop in the winter which will help him athletically. He needs to be more consistent. He has looked dominant at times but needs to be that more often. I think this year the rawness will ebb and he will be that dominant DE consistently which will make teams game plan for him more. freeing up others. Safety Kirk was out for the season this year and was a big loss . Hopefully he can come back and be one of the top safety's in the Midwest as is his potential as he holds an OSU offer among others. He is a 6 foot 200 pound hard hitting ballhawk who when at his best is a rock in the secondary. He could be the key to having the best Coffman defense in recent memory . OT Daniel Warnsman { 6-3 and change 275-280 } got well earned offers from Liberty University and Toledo and quite frankly should have a few more by now. But the main thing is he got some offers and I believe he will be a dominant player this year. He has some great tape and a lot of potential which I believe will and should result in a nice handful of offers this spring and summer . It's in his hands really and how hard he works in the next few months but he is a solid prospect. Good feet . moves well, is fundamentally sound and plays with a bit of a mean streak . That is a term used in hockey scouting. A player who has a bit of a mean streak is a positive trait that means he will have little problem dominating other players physically when the chance arises. Finish checks with gusto in hockey and finish blocks in football .

So that is five legit D-1 players in the class , the most from a class since 2007 when the team was as good as anyone in the state , losing a heartbreaking game to 15-0 Number 4 in the country ST X. in the Semifinals . Was the only team to outgain them from scrimmage and that was an X team that had I believe 7 D-1 kids on defense alone and a few more on offense . Not saying that this team is in that class overall but at the top end it is I believe. There's been a few guys I have watched at Coffman and thought , NFL potential . Mike Adams was one , Jake Stoneburner was another . They both played in the league . I thought Trey Fairchild was a guy who would fit perfectly in the CFL .

That Club also had LB Steven Gardiner who was a tackling machine who played at Michigan State . He was a classic 'tweener " a natural inside LB but not quite big enough to play there every down and a good athlete that wasn't quite fast enough to play full time outside. He was a solid situational player with Sparty. QB Zack Stoudt was a natural thrower who was a one year starter at Coffman and went to Louisville and Ole Miss at the college level having a few good moments but not consistently productive.

That team had a very good offensive line led by Adams and some real tough lunch pail guys , and a solid defense led by Gardiner , BUT this year's defense will have more potential IMO . More overall talent, player for player is a faster group and 4 legit power five guys type top end talent. It also features not including Kirk , 7 full time starters back{ 4 LB's, 2 corners, and DE } - 3 D-1 kids , and also 3 others that played enough to get experience due injury issues and also just rotating in. Experience , top end talent and speed.

Right now of course this is just speculating on the groups potential . Reaching that potential and being mentioned as a great Coffman defense depends on the work that they put in in the next 6 months and how much they apply themselves and improve themselves. How bad do they want to be that dominant group that everyone will possibly remember as an all time great defense? How do the veterans bring along the possible first time starters ? How many of the JV guys can be ready to roll in late August ? How strong is the leadership from now until then? Greatness is ALWAYS about the work , how much do you want to do ? How much do you want to be the best possible version of yourself and in turn be a bigger asset to the TEAM? Will you watch tape and see where you can improve? Will you work out HARD even knowing if you don't you will likely start anyway? The best of the best programs have the highest percentage of players who WANT to be the best they can be and do the work that is necessary to achieve it . IF this group has the right mindset , I really believe this could go down as a al time great group and as a team in general has the type of potential that the 2007 team had and that team by week 14 was good enough to play right with any team in the state including an excellent 15-0 # 4 team in the country ST X club who won a state title the next week by 4 touchdowns?

Is there pressure having this type of potential ? Of course , but great players and great teams embrace the challenge . Lastly to the fee guys walking the halls who quit football and have what it takes to play for the team ? Why wouldn't you want to be part of something potentially great ?


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Football is an unique sport in many ways, but it must be said that what makes it unique at this time of year is the work that it takes to be ultimately successful many months in the future . Now that dynamic isn't exclusive to football as the 'process " of improvement is often long and arduous and often can't be seen until a longer passage of time goes by. Many more actual games are played in other sports in a couple different seasons in the same year .

What does make football unique is the relative paucity of actual games and the playing of the actual sport that takes in reference to the amount of time spent working on it. The amount of the work and the embracing of the 'process " is what sets programs at every level apart from each other.
Looking at the story's of the iconic uber successful high school programs , this dynamic shows itself to some degree every time . Whether it be the Permian Panthers 30 year run or the ridiculous 151 game wining streak of Concord De La Salle and the absurd 34 year run of Bob Ladouceur , Geroge Curry's long run at Berwick Pa. Mike Pettine's CB West run in Eastern Pa. Long Beach Poly , or around here the state two titles each with the Brian White era at Davidson Pick C last 20 years , Hartley's run of success with some titles , the common theme is programs that 'Do the work " embrace the long process of excellence and consistency .

The process can be tedious, exhausting , mundane and even at times drudgery. Preparation is HARD , it isn't meant to be easy. Most things that are really worthwhile require sacrifice , dedication and paying attention to detail. Working on your craft , be it strength , footwork , skill development , mental aspects such as film study and relentlessly and purposefully finding ways to improve .

Most don't see or even know the amount of work that it takes to put a winning consistent product in any field really. Coffman is a consistent program . They do the work . You kind of know what you will get with them most years. That is a positive. The strength program has improved , the ambition of many players has grown and the desire to be the best they can be , the best version of themselves has improved and you can see this on the field and in the improvement of many players from year to year.

There is no secret sauce to a winning culture. Nothing in the water supply on school grounds. Culture is often talked about when the subjects of success , mediocrity or failure comes up. You can be a 500 or less team in any given season but still have a wining 'culture " , but bottom line is you are really revered for your culture when you win a lot of ballgames and fairly or unfairly by winning a state title .

Winning programs don't have to skin the cat the same way. The philosophy often comes from the head guy and his assistants and the tradition flows down to the players who embrace it and live it . Other than the sheer work which is common , programs often have a core belief that permeates through the program.

Ladouceur's main thing was weekly goal setting which held players accountable to each other , a closeness and faith that created a special feeling where the players felt comfortable being uncomfortable around each other and wouldn't be judged for who they are . Each member had something to offer and the same responsibility to do the work that would get them to their full potential whether it is the kid with 30 D-1 offers or aa kid who likely wouldn't ever start on Friday nights .

This develops a true brotherhood . A few guys can really harm this dynamic and can be cancers . With that long winning streak you could assume that the coaches including Ladouceur were completely satisfied because they won every game ? You would be wrong , they weren't always satisfied because they never got the type of true brotherhood and that special feeling among the team they strived for above all else.

Great things happen when no one really cares who gets the credit and the team literally pulls itself along as ONE . Ego and self eagerly gets in the backseat an the team and the brotherhood goes to the front of the bus all at once. Another staple in that program is holding the players accountable to learn their jobs execute their jobs and figure some things out for themselves. Catholic school dynamics and the ridiculous success would lend itself to cries of recruiting , but this didn't happen here, , it didn't have to . Ambitious athletes and serious students from family's who stress academics made that school a destination . There were years their talent was down , not often but sometimes and the consistency of perfect effort , brotherhood and the players playing at or very close to their full potential never wavered .

Two menaces besides the aforementioned ME first players derailing the team culture is overconfidence and complacency . This is why you sometimes see a team with most everyone back from a good team never become 'Great" . They are good again but never improved enough to get the next level . CB West coach Pettine was a master of getting kids heads out of the clouds as he said , even when on big runs with experienced players . The best Programs rarely if ever lose to teams that aren't as good s they are . Coffman needs to work on this this year no question because I can argue well there wasn't a team that was clearly if at all better than them that they played and they went 10-3 .

Losses by one , two and four points could have and probably should have been wins. Strategy , focus , making even just one more play when necessary and having a few more opportunity's to put games away or get a margin were squandered and could have resulted in winning the game . All dues respect to their opponents .

With a few questions that need to be answered and a small level of uncertainty { a couple talented players actually playing} exists but there is no reason this team can't be in the same realm as the 2007 2009 2012and 2014 teams that could play with really anyone they would have had to , playing very well with eventual state champs and teams that got to the final. Breaks match-ups , injury;s and other issues always potentially loom, but if the team takes care of just focusing and doing the hard work and creates a better brotherhood and doesn't allow a few guys to take away from this by being more selfish , complacent or overconfident ? A really special season is possible .

CB West had the uber competitive old school , attention to detail fanatic Pettie who preferred to be ground oriented but adjusted depending on the talent . They believed in using the strengths of the players they had including the solid middle class to upper middle class drawing area utilizing the players expectations from home as members of successful families with smart players who were motivated to succeed whether it be in the classroom, studying film and of course lifting and running to maximize their body's potential . Assistant coach Mike Carey was ahead of his time with his more college level strength program that eh learned playing at Pitt . This along with Pettine's attention to detail and the really long hours they put in as a staff { I am torn about just how many hours HS coaches think they should put in , for a few reasons } Set them apart .

Controllables are an often used phrase and it needs to be a concept that is embraced. The work , the reps , the attention to detail ,and if not enjoying the process ? Embracing it and working through it knowing that the fun is in the winning and the success which provides extreme satisfaction and pride. Are players holding others accountable during this part of the process and the off-season ? Are the older more experienced players guiding encouraging and setting the example for the younger guys who follow suit in a couple years? Is everyone included in the process ? Valued? Are there multiple kids leading the way ? These things really help explain and define what a 'culture " is .
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