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  • What a Drennan was. A game time decision on his foot. Oh daddy going to hear it after season when his hood brothers not around. Tweaked foot last week. He could have played. But the way the game went, we got the W.

    Griffin will be back next week to help the middle of the D. Cole just needs left at nose. They were trying to find home for Gavin at nose. He was just too small. When Cole cane in, it shut that middle down. I even thought they call ed time out to fix blocking to double him. Then the ends started to rotate in to find a hot hand to put pressure on QB. I personally like Darius and Gavin for pressure. And gill and Tate for run stopping.

    Hamilton played really well I thought. He will be a stud next year.
    Feel you on that call Coffman's one explosive play for a touchdown last night was called back on that same call . Frustrating seeing that the flag was thrown on a straight drop back and the flag was thrown well after the receiver caught the ball at the goal line .

    Had nothing to do with the success of the play either. Tough call but refs are instructed to call more of these in read option teams it seems . Bad break for both teams losing close games
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