Updates: Hoban vs Toledo Central Catholic (12/1/22)

Strip sack was TCC. The interception was just good luck and speed to convert it. But Hoban does not have an answer down 21-0. Have to grind out a demoralizing drive to get back in it
That's what they did. TCC defense doesn't look like they can hold up against a long sustained drive
TCC ball on Hoban 37.

1-run 2 yards
2-run (-2) yards
3-pass incomplete...penalty interference Hoban (+15) yards

First down
TCC ball on Hoban 22.

1-run 1 yard
2-run 1 yard
3-penalty offsides Hoban (+5) yards
3-pass 15 yard TD (Holmes)
Hoban's defense actually played solid on that series but TCC just kept making plays on 3rd down.
Hoban ball on their 29.

1-run 4 yards
2-run 2 yards
3-scramble 3 yards

timeout TCC

:05 2Q
Hoban ball on their 38. 4th and 1.

4-Hoban punting from their 38. Ball downed inside the TCC 20.

Why take a timeout?
I really wasn't sure who took it but they finally showed it was TCC. I would have handed the ball off to Sperling and let him have a chance to take it the distance. No way he would have gotten tackled before 5 seconds ticked off.
I didn't think it would be right out of the gate, but I don't think Eds fans are completely shocked. TCC nearly beat Eds in Lakewood.
Hoban looked like they hadn’t played football before tonight!! This kind of crap is on the coach! Penalties, lack of play calling and general nonsense by some players is on the coach!!!!!
Ya never want to take result of same opponent and hold it as gospel,but the st. Ed's measuring stick looks accurate.