Updates: Hoban vs Toledo Central Catholic (12/1/22)

Hoban ball on their 20.

1-run 11 yards...penalty holding Hoban...ball on the Hoban 12..
1-run (-3) yards
2-run 8 yards
3-scramble 6 yards
4-punting from their 23...TCC faircatch at their 43
TCC ball on their 36. 4th and 17.

4-punting from their 36....Hoban returns the punt to their 32. Penalty on TCC for facemask (+15) yards. Ball on their 47.
Hoban ball on their 47.

1-run 13 yards...about 10 yards after almost going down.

First down
Hoban ball on TCC 40.

1-penalty delay of game on Hoban (-5) yards
1-run 28 yards

First down

Hoban has run about 13 plays and 10 have been Sperling runs.
Hoban ball on TCC 17.

1-run 2 yards
2-timeout Hoban

Interestingly it was an empty backfield before they called timeout.
Hoban ball on TCC 17. 2nd and 8.

2-pass incomplete
3-pass intercepted 90 yard return for a TD. Braden Awls
Hoban is not built to win down 21-0 unless they hold down TCC

Thought would be one of better games, and instead we prob have a running clock
TCC is very, very good
Hoban is imploding - 2 critical turnovers and multiple penalties
Strip sack was TCC. The interception was just good luck and speed to convert it. But Hoban does not have an answer down 21-0. Have to grind out a demoralizing drive to get back in it
Sperling has been awesome. TCC just made a couple plays and some untimely penalties hurt Hoban. Sperling might need 300+ yards tonight.
Hoban ball on TCC 36.

1-penalty delay of game Hoban (-5) yards
1-drop back...sack...ball was fumbled but recovered by Hoban. Ball on TCC 46.
2-pass incomplete...screen.
3-run 26 yards (yes, it was Sperling)

First down