Updates: Hoban vs Toledo Central Catholic (12/1/22)


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I happen to watch a "live" video on fb of the scrimmage between these 2. It looked liked TCC was the more athletic team. I told everyone if we (ww) wanted to win state we would have to contend w tcc. They reminded me of ww'21 athletic and fast w a big line. I'm not shocked by this. Still a lot of football though.


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Congrats to TCC’s Braden Awls, as he now holds the record for longest pick six in D2 title game history with that 91 yard return.

Get it done in the second half. Go Irish!!!


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Hoban ball on their 20.

1-run 4 yards
2-penalty false start Hoban (-5) yards
2-run 1 yard
3-scramble 9 yards...looked like he could have gotten 1st down but went out a little early.
4-punting from their 29...TCC takes over at their 38.


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Must have been a penalty. Lost my feed. TCC ball on their 22.

1-pass 2 yards
2-pass incomplete...penalty holding Hoban...waived off.
3-draw (-4) yards
4-punting from their 20...Hoban starts at TCC 42.

9:06 3Q


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Hoban ball on TCC 42.

1-run 13 yards...penalty holding (very obvious at the point of the run) (-10) yards...1st and 20
1-run 3 yards
2-pass incomplete (knocked down)
3-run 49 yards TD (Sperling)


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TCC ball on their 45.

1-pass incomplete (knocked down)
2-run 2 yards
3-pass incomplete
4-punting from their 47...Hoban starts at their 11.

5:47 3Q