STX state champs??

Screw AEF, 4H is the way to go!

Funny part is I didnt know there was such thing as AEF...before I moved. God this place sucks.
ooooh haha, AEF also stands for Agribusiness Employers Federation...which is like 4H i think, its some hillbilly texas talk I wont understand.
ams eds fan, please return to whereever you came from. Not necessary to diss sports other people care about and are dedicated to. Especially if you are not up at 4:30 am and are practicing 4-5 hours per day.

HERE go bomb1!

He just doesn't get it. He must still be sore about our last football meeting at PBS.

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How 'bout getting back to the original subject?

St Xavier- swimming -State Champs 2007!

They looked real good at the CC this past weekend!
I'm a swimming fan.

St X had some good swims this weekend. That's all. I do respect their program though. Excellent coaching staff and a lot of hard working swimmers. They are not the only swimmer's I enjoy watching. Check out the results on and you'll see what I'm talking about.

This thread was about the possibility of Cincinnati St Xavier winning the State Chapionship.
It looks to me like they have a good shot at it. Do you agree?