Solon/Euclid week 8 will not be played.


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Solon offered to host the game instead, Euclid declined. Very sad story overall. I think Euclid is a great new venue for high school football and have enjoyed taking in games there without any incidents, but the reality is it's unsafe. Pretty surprising to see Solon just say forget it entirely and forfeit though.
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Solon offered to host the game instead, Euclid declined. Very sad story overall. I think Euclid is a great new venue for high school football and have enjoyed taking in games there without any incidents, but the reality is it's unsafe. Pretty surprising to see Solon just say forget it entirely and forfeit though.
I have been going to high school football games since 1982,last year went to Euclid for a playoff game was the first and only time I had a metal detecting wand used on me….
So it seems like it was Euclid that requested Brunswick to host last week over a concern about safety at homecoming. Euclid moves homecoming to this week. I'm guessing that Solon saw the cryptic message from the Euclid AD concerning the homecoming safety issues and saw that homecoming was moved to this week and offered to host instead but were turned down.

Feel terribly for the kids on the team/band/cheer who now miss a game over something they have nothing to do with. I'm forced to see the problems at Euclid as serious because Solon wouldn't make a drastic decision like this lightly.

Pittsburgh uses a metal detector. Collingwood in Cleveland used wands. Buffalo BPS uses wands. I'd consider the Collingwood area of Cleveland pretty rough. Can't remember if Shaw had any wands or detectors or not when I went. But that was years ago.
Senate League games are played on Friday afternoons now.
Senate League games are played on Friday afternoons now.
They've been Friday afternoon for years. Most of the fields don't have lights. I think only the field off E 55th and Collingwood have lights. They rest are afternoon. easier to play after school on Thursday or Friday than to get kids with limited bussing to the fields on Saturday afternoon.
I actually interested in your take on this Sykotyk, throughout all your travels, have you ever been to a game that you felt unsafe at?
... Good question.

I've been to a game in Brooklyn. Twice. Felt safe there each time. Though I was allowed to park inside the stadium complex. I went to many games in Philadelphia. Even in West Philly I parked on the street and walked into the stadium and felt safe. Saw a game in Chester. Saw numerous games in Cleveland at many different fields. Saw two games in Columbus (at Briggs and at Walnut Ridge). Saw games in Denver area (Jefferson County, the schools are spread out and not just in the city) and was fine. Tolleson, Arizona. Albuquerque, New Mexico at Milne Stadium. In fact, at Milne, I saw two games and parts of two soccer games at UNM and walked between them all and felt safe.

I saw one game in California. In Jurupa Valley, though the town was named Mira Loma at the time (it was Jurupa Valley High School, and the new consolidated city took the name of its high school). Didn't feel out of place there.

Games at Cupples Stadium in Pittsburgh always felt safe. Parking around Monessen, Cumberland MD, Johnnie B. Wiley Stadium (where the old War Memorial Stadium stood) in Buffalo, All-High Stadium in Buffalo,... There's only one game I think I ever felt 'at risk', and that was at Simon Gratz in Philadelphia.

The Gratz Super Site, aka Marcus Foster Stadium, sits in an area of north Philly called "Nicetown" and borders with "Hunting Park". With the 2021 spring season, Philly greatly restricted access, so very few fans. And the fans still showed up. And just stood outside around the fences to watch. Very heavy police presence and screening to get in. Luckily you could park inside the stadium fencing, and were screened by police to enter as media. Nicetown has a very high crime rate compared to surrounding neighborhoods. But, overall, I didn't feel much more at risk there than a few places around Cleveland or Pittsburgh at night.

Screenshot 2023-10-03 192701.png

Abraham Lincoln in Philadelphia probably had the roughest stadium/field. Even though Roxborough's looked worst. The Lincoln turf was ancient, and felt like sandpaper. Trash had blown across the field and collected along the chainlink fence to the east. Everything was tagged with graffiti. It was only used because the spring 2021 season didn't require seating for fans. So, a lot of afternoon games were held at the school's old fields that generally don't get used once the Super Sites were built (North East, Germantown, Gratz, and South Side).

Here's Abraham Lincoln:

And West Philadelphia:

(sadly, this building isn't used any longer. It's now apartments. This building sat kattycorner across the street from the field. Now, the school is a few blocks away)

West Philadelphia's stadium is Pollock Field. The school has a great nickname: The Speedboys and Speedgirls.

Very tall chainlink fences surround the field to keep balls from leaving. And also to provide a bit more security as well. They put up plastic to keep people from watching without paying, but that looks like it wasn't updated in quite a long time.

Overall, though, didn't feel unsafe there. Though that was daytime. I had parked outside the fence on a street, though could see my car from the field. But had to walk around the perimeter with all my camera gear. Though, if you've met me I'm a rather imposing person. I usually don't get much grief.

The most dangerous game? Sitting on the wooden bleachers at Mathews in Vienna.... now that was dangerous.
I would assume Benson uses both because of the Hall of Fame/NFL/insurance issues. Also if you have, I guess you use it, they used it and hired security for the Eds showcase game I went to in August.

Euclid had them there for the Eds/Ignatius playoff game last year but they weren't using them, at least when I was going in.
Very true. Every time Massillon has played there vs McKinley, Hoban or LaSalle, I was checked in one form or another, went to the three games there in week 1 and had to do both, was wanded and had to walk through.
What constitutes a bad area?
When I lived in Euclid in the 1960's to early 80's, at one point a DOJ / FBI survey of crime showed it was the 3rd SAFEST City in the USA in it's population segment for cities (I think this range is right) something like 40 to 60,000 residents. (Lakewood Ohio was 1st, same survey.)

Very sad to see how bad things have fallen down there. The only incident I ever personally saw at Euclid Stadium (later became DiBiasio) was a massive fight in the visitors stands between St Joseph (then) and Collinwood students. St Joe stopped playing Collinwood after that game for a long time, if not forever. IDK if they have met since. I was told that WE stopped playing Collinwood for the same reason, but I never saw whatever incident took place in that game.

VASJ has met Collinwood 3 times since the 1974 game with the fight. Euclid has played them twice since 1971. For the first times since 1967.
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The most dangerous game? Sitting on the wooden bleachers at Mathews in Vienna.... now that was dangerous.

try sitting on the away bleachers at Springfield Catholic Centrals’ Hallinean field. they need condemned, and it doesn’t help when you’re in a rough area either.
Typically the violence only erupts when you have two inner-city or inner-ring suburban teams playing each other. Usually not much drama when the Brunswick’s and Solon’s of the world come into town. Too bad. I’ve enjoyed the atmosphere at Euclid’s new stadium.
Crazy. Does Euclid not have a police force?
EDIT: Yes, they do. (I didn't explicitly say so in the original post below.)

I can't speak to today because I am sure the effectiveness and enforcement levels have dropped by a lot. They would have HAD to from when I lived there because they were often said to be... let's say... "overzealous" in their duties.... Today they probably would be sued over the practices of the 60's & 70's, so I am sure that whole picture has changed by a lot. I know they were sued one time for something of an "overzealous" nature in the 70's but they won the case. It may have gone all the way to the Supreme Court too.
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Here's some photos from Philly. This is Roxborough. Not a terrible neighborhood. But oh, that field was in very bad shape for spring football.

Some game action. Kensington (now that's a rough area of Philly) at Roxborough. This catch somehow went for a TD. Kid pulled a Houdini and stayed upright and eluded the tackle.

Gratz/Marcus Foster Stadium:

John Bartram at Simon Gratz.

My only real disappointment doing games in Philly that spring was that I missed out on a couple of stadiums. One of them being John Bartram's small field at the school. Today, there's probably less than zero chance they'll play a game there. Even a Thursday afternoon one. They'll play at a Super Site. Other than the schools with Super Sites (North East, Imhotep, Gratz, and South Philly), only schools such as Central, Olney, George Washington, Frankford, and Roxborough will play a game at home during the year. The rest of them will almost always play a home game at a Super Site instead.

And Bartram was scheduled to host a game the final weekend of the spring season. But it was cancelled last minute. So, went to Frankford for another game instead.