Friday Updates (11/25/22)

Kocher deep to Mussari on fourth down and it's just slightly underthrown and falls to the turf. TCC catches a break after the corner fell down. Instead, it's a turnover on downs.

TCC starts at its own 31 with 3:16 left in the first half with a 28-21 lead.
Kings' defense forces a huge 3-and-out. TCC gets another big special teams play with a 54-yard punt.

Knights start at their own 14 with 1:46 left in the first half.
TCC 31 Kings 21

--9 penalties on Central. 0 on Kings.
--punt return for TD by Central
--48yd FG by Central
--Kocher 3 TDs for Kings
Kings will look back at the first half special team blunders for a longtime. Heck of a game between two explosive offenses. TCC with a 10 point lead at the half will be a challenge for Kings.
St Edward starts at their 35. Drive to the Gahanna 19 yard line. First down. 7:29 3Q

St Edward 14
Gahanna 0
Gahanna starts at their 24. They have a 4th and 1 at their 48. Punting. St Edward starting at their 24.

St Edward 17
Gahanna 0

3:25 3Q