Friday Updates (11/25/22)


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Broc Lowry 75 yard rushing TD first play after a Green wave punt
Canfield 21 Holy Name 7

The Dock

D7 Ball Knower
BC 14
Tipp 6

4:39 2Q — Liam Perotsky (sp?) with a QB blast from 5 yards out on 4th down. PAT blocked


Go Buckeyes
St Edward punting from the Gahanna 47.

Gahanna takes over at their 47 after a shanked punt.

St Edward 7
Gahanna 0

7:51 2Q

44-yard punt return TD.
53-yard kickoff return to set up instant redzone opportunity, onside kick recovery.

Kings giving the game away in special teams. Shocked.


Go Buckeyes
Gahanna punting from their 40.

St Edward starts at their 30 after a short return.

St Edward 7
Gahanna 0

2:32 2Q