2023 Glenville Football

I'm a R16 follower and yes, Massie would be the favorite but Alter seems to be peaking at this time and could upend the Falcons. I have a couple of Darkhorses in the region but I don't believe any can come close to what is happening in the other regions.

It would really be interesting to see Massie and the Big Red on a neutral field to hash that out.

Glenville and Perkins should be one heck of a ballgame....maybe I need to put in a drive for that one:ROFLMAO:
Should be a really good tournament people honestly sell this division short. Speaking of drives Im just happy that neutral site with Perkins should be more reasonable than last year with Van Wert and West Jefferson 😂
Wow!!!!! Football talk, Outstanding
Sorry :ROFLMAO: I'm guilty of going off the edge on topics and not relating to football but I am trying to change that:oops:. I DON'T give a rats arse about the dynamic this thread has taken. I would like to hear about the kids at Glenville. Who to watch for, who is coming up that may not be known, etc. What team will Glenville have the biggest problem with getting to the finals.

Dude, it's football so, lets talk! This is a Glenville thread, lets hear about the kids and ignore the noise.