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80's Metal Monday!!!!


Messiah - Hymn to Abramelin (1986) ... 68.557

-Death Metal

I had listened to a new release from this band about a week ago and was surprised to find out that they were around in the 80's. So I had to check out the debut album. This one started out on the extreme side of metal which I do not care for so basically I did not like the front half with the exception of the 2 instrumental tracks. More death like on the 2nd side and I did find a track I liked which would be the only with vocals that I liked on this album. Overall, it was just too extreme for my liking but not as bad as I thought it was going to be after track 2.

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Blue Oyster Cult - Ghost Stories (2024) ... 68.570


Last album..... this one was a bummer. Turns out it was just old material that was rehashed and spliced together. Hardly liked anything on it. The only thing that was great was the cover of a Doors track.

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My Dying Bride - A Mortal Binding (2024) ... 75.984

-Gothic Metal

I've heard just about everything from this band and for the most part I have liked it all. Looking forward to this one and maybe a bit disappointed over all from it but it was a lot better than their last release. Liked everything on it just nothing great at first listening...
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Lie Heavy - Burn to the Moon (2024) ... 71.703

-Hard Rock

I'm guessing these were older guys that have been in bands and what we have here is an older type of feel to it. Mostly rock and maybe ventured into some Metal at times..... 12 tracks on this one and the first three were pretty solid but then it went to a place not to my liking and it wasn't until track 10 that it got back again. Overall, I liked half the tracks....

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Homecoming - Those We Knew (2024) ... 79.560

-Post Progressive Metal

Not only is this one very proggy but it also shifts genres within each tracks. They some how make it work despite the severe shifts in both measure and style. 6 tracks on this one but over 50 minutes in total. Liked all of them with 4 heading to my playlist. This is likely the best album of 2024 I have heard so far and I likely will purchase it in the near future. Found out they do have a previous album and will definitely be checking it out...

Solar Blooms - Akháli Dzális Dabadéba (2024) ... 75.734

-Psychedelic Rock

Debut album from Ukraine. These guys can play and make beautiful music bending and creating genres of rock. Liked all 9 tracks though the front half for me I liked much much better. 3 tracks head to the playlist. Since I am obsessive with order I really struggled figuring out what genre of rock this was. I settled on something simple that was throughout the album which was Psychedelia which was achieved by hypnotic vocals and sweeping soundscape guitar sounds.
80's Metal Monday

Well, not feeling too good today and have a headache so not really in the mood for metal but instead I'll do a Rock album....

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars (1988) ... 74.487

-Alternative Rock

There was this song that would come on and I really liked it but had no idea who it was. Years and years of hearing it I finally broke down to check out who sung it. That was a few years back. Why I have not attempted to hear anything else from Edie is beyond me but today was the day! I actually liked most of it. I just love her voice and she seems very down to Earth.

High on Fire - Cometh the Storm (2024) ... 74.419

-Sludge Metal

This one has been blowing up in the Metal world this week. I was going to check out last week but decided not to but because of all the buzz I decided to. This was typical Sludge with a Nordic feel to it maybe.... Not sure of anything anymore since I hear so much new metal these days it is starting to become all a blur...... anyhow, I did like all of it but only 1 track I liked well enough to make my playlist. I think if I had a problem with it it would be the vocals so low in the mix.......

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Accept - Humanoid (2024) ... 70.710

-Heavy Metal

New one from Wolf Hoffman and the guys. Only liked 5 of the 11 tracks but that is about typical for me with these guys. Accept will always be known to be as the first band I saw live!!!!

My rankings of other Accept albums

-Restless and Wild - 73.620
-Balls to the Wall - 72.020
-Metal Heart - 71.700
-Stalingrad - 70.800
I started listening to the new Pestilence album but what a bummer as it was just re-recordings of older material. Not sure why they would do this but what makes it worse was the production values and quality of the new recordings just flat out sucked. I turned it off after the 2nd track and I was not alone about what I thought of it. Fans are pissed off and one review gave it a 0 out of a 100. Never seen that before. Anyhow, I was in the mood for some Pestilence and picked one had not heard before....


Pestilence - Ressurection Macabre (2009) ... 72.183
-Death Metal

This was more of the death sound of Pestilence and not the Technical stuff of some of their other albums. Liked 7 of the 11 tracks but nothing really stuck out. Pestilence albums are all over the place for my likings....

My rankings of other Pestilence albums.

-Testimony of the Ancients - 83.224
-Hadeon - 82.737
-Exitivm - 78.540
-Spheres - 73.401
-Consuming Impulse - 72.500
-Malleus Maleficarum - 72.360
-Obsideo - 68.120

Darkthrone - It Beckons Us All ... (2024) ... 73.070
-Blackened Crust Metal

Darkthrone has been around forever and is always experimenting with sound. I have only heard the newer stuff from this band but I am curious to hear the earlier stuff. This one was slowed down and sounded very Doom like at times and less Black but the overall Crust sound remained pretty much throughout. The punkish style vocals may throw off and sometimes the riffs become repetitious and can get boring.... overall though not to bad for this type of genre for me.....

My rankings of other Darkthrone albums:

-Old Star - 76.293
-Eternal Hails - 74.170
-Astral Fortress - 72.413
80's Metal Monday


Axe Witch - Visions of the Past (1984) ... 69.455

-Heavy Metal

First time hearing these guys and I actually liked 3 of the 8 tracks..... Nothing was really that bad... at least for 80's Heavy Metal.... These guys started in 1981 and ended it in 1987... 20 years later though they were back at it and still going to this day!

Typhuzz - Typhuzz (2024) ... 75.840

-Heavy Rock/Doom Metal

We have a mix here with some tracks being more of the Heavy Rock genre while others dial in a bit heavier and sound more Doom in nature. These guys are from Germany and it will be a band that I will be keeping an eye on. There were some tracks I really liked and other that will likely grow on me with repeat listens.....

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Wheel - Charismatic Leaders (2024) ... 75.813
-Progressive Metal

Oh yes, it is the new one from Wheel. The first three tracks on this one was blah and the 3rd track was the first track by this band that I did not care for. I was getting worried as this was sounding like a forced Progressive album. Prog is not the easiest genre and if done wrong will sound like a mess and so far it was sounding a bit "we'll just make it more proggy here just beacause" instead of a nice flow. This album though rebounded quite well from the 4th track on which found two tracks that ended up on my playlist.

My rankings for other Wheel albums I've listened to:

The Path (ep) ... 76.563​
The Divide (ep) ... 75.740​
Moving Backwards ... 76.870​
Resident Human ... 79.889​

Dvne - Voidkind (2024) ... 75.779

-Progressive Sludge/Post Metal

Interesting album. Proggy with switches from Sludge to Post elements.
80's Metal Monday

Angel Dust - Into the Dark Past (1986) ... 72.630

-Thrash Metal

From Germany.... never heard of them but pretty well known in Europe. Liked most of it especially the killer guitars!!!!

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Unleash the Archers - Phantoma (2024) ... 69.840

-Power Metal

Not really a fan of Power Metal but it has been awhile and there was a lot of talk about this album. Liked some of the tracks but most of it I did not care for.

Scions - O (2024) ... 77.623

-Heavy Psych Rock

These guys come in from Australia and unleash an atmospheric Psych album. Liked everything I heard and the album heads to my playlist. 4 of the 9 tracks are intro's. Some progressive parts here and at times a bit Toolesque (If that is not a word it is now.... meaning, sounds Tool like at times.....)
80-s Metal Monday


Slammer - The Work of Idle Hands (1989) ... 70.220

-Thrash Metal

This one sounded much like Testament. Found some tracks I liked but most were just meh......

Body Farm - Battle Breed (2015) ... 79.219

-Death Metal

Really liked this one on first listen. This one could be great with repeat listens. We got some old school Death Metal that really hits. 3rd album I have heard from them and this one is way better than anything else I heard. Will dig deeper in their discography.....

Black Oath - Ov Qliphoth and Darkness (2013) ... 77.305
-Dark Doom Metal

There is lot to like for the Dark Doom fellows from Italy. This is more of the Epic Doom without the operatic vocals. Slow and riffy.... Liked all of it and this album heads to my playlist.

My rankings for other Black Oath albums:

The Third Aeon ... 75.160​
Emeth Truth and Death ... 79.330​

In Mourning - Shrouded Divine (2008) ... 74.480
-Progressive Melodic Death Metal

Debut album..... I had heard that their early stuff was Goth but this was not the case. There might of been a pinch of Goth but this was definitely Melodic Death with Progressive moments. I liked the first 6 tracks with one making my playlist but the last 2 tracks were just OK at best for me. This album sounded a bit like Opeth at times.....

My rankings for other In Mourning albums:

The Weight of Oceans ... 74.357​
The Bleeding Veil ... 76.327​

Space Slug - Out of Water (2024) ... 68.370
-Stoner Metal

Not sure what was going on here as this one did not sound good. Not sure if it was the production values or this is how they wanted it to sound. With the exception of 1 track I did not care for this one which is a huge disappointment.

My rankings for other Space Slug albums:

Lemanis ... 73.060​
Memorial ... 78.327​

new release

Pallbearer - Mind Burns Alive (2024) ... 68.327
-Doom Metal

This one got slowed down way too much. Did not like the direction this band went.....

My Rankings for other Pallbearer albums:

Sorrow And Extinction ... 73.810​
Foundations of Burden ... 72.993​
Heartless ... 73.927​
Forgotten Days ... 79.455​

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Kerry King - From Hell I Rise (2024) ... 74.038
-Thrash Metal

Here we have Slayer guitar player Kerry King going solo and having the lead singer of Death Angel on board. I was expecting something different but instead we just got something that sounded like Slayer but not as good. Mark Osegueda sounds much better singing melodic than he did here where he tried to sound like Tom Araya. Did I like it? Well, technically I guess I did but this should of been something that was great instead of just middle of the pack good...... I probably will not listen to this album again as it does not bring anything new to the table.

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Celestial Season - Mysterium III (2024) ... 72.780
- Gothic Death Doom

Liked 6 of the 8 tracks with one of them making my playlist. Little Gothy, Little Death, Little Doom.... mixed it all together and this is what you get but this album on first listen is not as good as their others.

My Rankings for other Celestial Season:

Solar Lovers ... 74.038​
The Secret Teachings ... 76.380​
Mysterium II ... 75.127​

<new release>

Pig - Red Room (2024) ... 72.270
- Industrial

This one started out pretty good but then it kind of turned into a more KMFDM feel.

My Rankings for other Pig albums:

The Swining ... 71.905​
Sinsation ... 85.860​

Sin, Sex, and Salvation: KMFDM vs Pig ... 77.530​