100+ Albums ....


Bruce Dickinson - The Mandrake Project (2024) ... 69.400

-Heavy Metal

Came out yesterday. Heard good stuff about it but I did not care for it to much.

Ministry - HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES (2024) ... 68.201

-Industrial Metal

Only liked 2 of the 9 tracks. Al has gone so far left that his hypocrisy in his writing has become tiresome and just plain lazy.

Kitsa - Dead by Dawn (2024) ... 75.755

-Heavy Rock

Someone said this band sounds like Creed other said Clutch. I kind of hear that. Here we have a mix of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, hence Heavy Rock. There may be a spice of Stoner in there as well but not that much of it. I did like all the tracks with two making my playlist but this was more of a listen to a track or two for me and likely won't listen to the whole album again.....
80's Metal...... Have Mercy. I heard them on a 80's metal compilation and decided to check out an album but they never made a full release just some Demo's and an EP. So, I decided to listen to one of those Demo's as well as the EP........


Have Mercy - Mass Destruction (1985) ... 71.250

-Thrash Metal

Demo so it was RAW and sort of sounded a bit like OverKill at times. Liked 2 of the 5 tracks.


Have Mercy - Armageddon Descends (1986) ... 68.994

-Thrash Metal

EP..... This one had 3 of the tracks from the Demo but polished them up a bit plus a couple new tracks. The new tracks were really bad. The track I liked the best from the Demo was not on this one.

Judas Priest - Invincible Shield (2024) ... 73.569

-Heavy Metal

This one was missing the edge that I am used to it was almost like a fading out. I did like 11 of the 14 tracks but only 1 made it to my playlist. According to my ratings this one scored one of the worst for any Priest album.

Sheavy - Celestial Hi-Fi (2000) ... 74.983

-Stoner Rock

This was the follow up album from the great album "Electric Sleep". 4 tracks did end up on my playlist including the last track which was great and more in the style of Doom.


Midnight - Hellish Expectations (2024) ... 75.680

-Black/Speed Metal

Cleveland native brings us some old school Black Metal keeping the tracks short and straight to the point. 5th album I have heard from him and this one rates #2 on the Midnight discography.
Checked out some new releases today. One from a band I have heard before and another I have not.....


Atrophy - Asylum (2024) ... 74.757

-Thrash Metal

Never heard of Atrophy before but checked them out to hear some old school sounding thrash and they started out pretty decent. 2 of the first 3 tracks immediately headed to my playlist but the 2nd half of this one lost its gusto and fizzled out. Overall, still a decent album and I liked all but the last track. Will check out other stuff by them.


Vltimas - Epic (2024) ... 72.755

-Blackened Death Metal

2nd album by them and I really liked their debut. Excited to hear this one and it started out with a bang with the title track that went to my playlist but then it dropped off to an area I did not care for to much. Most of the tracks I did not care for but then it picked up some steam with the last 3. I actually did end up liking half the album.....

Necrophobic - In The Twilight Grey (2024) ... 72.253

-Black/Death Metal

I've heard a bunch of albums from this band with albums rating as high in the 79's or as low in the 69's. This one lands in the lower end of the albums. This was the delux version and actually the two bonus tracks were the better ones on it. I liked 7 of the 12 tracks.....

OK, so what is the difference between Blackened Death (Vltimas) and Black Death (Necrophobic)? Well, Blackened Death incorporates both genres within a track while Black Death is one track would be Death Metal while another track on the album would be Black Death. There still might be some combining at times must for most of it it is one or the other......
80's Metal Day ...... Why not Monday, it does seem the day that I have been doing the 80's album or maybe not......

Stormwitch - Walpurgis (1984) ... 74.068

- Power Metal

This is the 4th album I have heard from them and this so far is the best. Liked all of it but one track that I just did not like at all. Great album cover as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucifer's Friend - Where the Groupies Killed the Blues (1972) ... 73.156

-Progressive Rock

This album was much more proggy than the earlier one.

Acid Row - Poisoned Mind (2024) ... 75.805

-Stoner Rock

Never heard of these guys..... Liked all of it. Nice riffs with a bit of unique vocals that are purposely sluggish.... I think I read this was their 4th album.... if so, I will back track to hear some more stuff from them.

ZZ Top - Tejas (1976) ... 73.220

-Southern Rock/Texas Blues

I haven't heard a ZZ Top album that I did not like. While I did like this one it rated way below the other ones I have listened to. Liked 6 of the 10 tracks.....

Lord Goblin - Lord Goblin (2024) ... 70.784

-Power Metal

Little different here with double blasts on the drums which frankly did not sound good to me for this genre.... it was almost Black Metal like drumming at times..... We have organ and lots of it. This one did start out good but for some reason they put a drum solo on this album and that really took a hit on my ratings as I am not a fan of drum solos on non-live stuff. The last two tracks I did not like either..... I doubt I will listen to this again.
new release


Khold - Du dømmes til Død (2024) ... 73.046

-Black Metal

This one just came out today. This is more like the old school Black Metal that is more "primitive" (Dark Black). Got some pretty good riffing on it and I like the vocals too bad he no sing English..... This is the 2nd Khold album I have heard and overall I like this one better. The other one it was hit or miss with each track, this one was a bit more consistent as I liked 7 of the 9 tracks.

Ancient VVisdom - Master of the Stone (2024) ... 77.530

-Contemporary Occult Rock

Occult rock is pretty much Doom but with a Rock element to it instead of Metal. Contemporary is simply just current so instead of sounding old school it will sound more newer sounding which kind of contradicts the "Ancient" in the bands name. Anyhow.... this band sounds like Ghost. The opening track, Wow, what an opening track (Sold My Soul to Satan) which so far is the best track I have heard from 2024. I liked all 8 tracks with 3 of them heading to my playlist. This album will likely end up on my list of top albums for 2024 thanks to the opening track.

Bodyfarm - Malicious Ectasy (2024) ... 73.246

-Death Metal

I am familiar a bit with Bodyfarm so when this dropped this week I had to check it out. Got half way into it and the album went live. I am not that familiar with the bands discography so I was not sure if these were old songs or new ones until I ran into a track I had heard before on a previous album. Basically, this was an EP on side 1 with side 2 likely from a live show. Death metal live isn't always that great because of the nature of the sound but this wasn't too bad. The EP by itself would score higher than the final total it ended up with. I should go back and listen to some of the older albums at a future time.....
80's Metal Day!!!!!!!


Blood Money - Red Raw and Bleeding! (1986) ... 66.340

-Speed Metal

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. I basically just randomly pick a metal album from the 80's I have not heard and just deal with what I get. I did not like one track on this album. It was raw, but that was not the problem. I liked the riffs for the most part but it had to be the vocals and vocal melody of the tracks. Just did not care for it what so ever..... oh well......

Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet (2007) ... 78.127

-Progressive Rock

This is a band I would not have liked back in 2007. Wasn't big on Prog and this was too soft for my liking back then..... but, I am older and likes things slower now. So yes, I really liked this one. 4 of the 6 tracks headed to my playlist as well as the whole album. 3rd album I have heard from them and will likely listen to Sky Moves Sideways (I think that is what it is called) the next time I check them out.

Painted Black - The Neverlight (demo-2005) ... 74.827

-Gothic Metal

Debut... pretty solid demo. Liked 5 of the 6 tracks. This one was more Goth but still had Doom elements which they would iterate later on. This is a band that I like and though still active hasn't released anything in over 7 years......

Rotting Christ - Aealo (2010) ... 72.820

-Melodic Black Metal

5th album I have heard from them. They have this chanting chorus vocal style which occurs on all their albums as well as an Egyptian influence. The riffing is always great with this band. I liked 7 of the 10 tracks but this one ranks a lot lower than the others I have heard with one exception.
80's Metal Monday!


Solitude - And Justice for All (Demo-1988) ... 73.570

-Doom Metal

This only came in cassette form in 88 for those who remembered that so the quality is going to be questionable plus it is a demo so just the basics. Solitude would become known as Solitude Aeturnus so I was curious about this one. My first thought was what is wrong with Robert Lowe's voice? After listening to it I discovered that the singer was not Lowe but someone else. In fact, the only member of Solitude that is in Solitude Aeturnus was the guitar player John Perez. That explains a lot. This actually was not that bad of a demo. Had 5 tracks which I liked all of them but man, if they would of redone these tracks with Lowe's vocals that would be something. This demo was later re-released as an LP in 2000.

King Crimson - Discipline (1981) ... 75.128

-Art/Progressive Rock

I liked this one much more than the older KC stuff. I decided to hear this album after hearing an interview of Danny Carey (Tool). Lot going on with this one with some Funk, Jazz, and even Math Rock (though not a thing back then). Found some tracks I really liked and will check out some more of the early 80's from this band.

<new release>

Acid Mammoth - Supersonic Megafauna Collision (2024) ... 78.160

-Doom Metal

I really like Acid Mammoth and couldn't wait for this one. Opening track was great and heavy as one would respect from this guys. 6 tracks altogether and I liked them all with 3 tracks heading to the playlist. Overall, this one was not as good as the previous two but it still has room to grow on me a bit more. I would say it wasn't as heavy overall as previous albums.... This one will probably end up being in my top 10 for 2024...... we will see...

<new release>

The Monolith Deathcult - The Demon Who Makes Trophies of Men (2024) ... 74.755

-Symphonic Brutal Death Metal/Industrial/Electronica

2nd album I have heard from these guys. Lot going on as usual.... we have some new tracks and some rehashed old ones on here. Lot of catchy death metal riffing with a constant bombardment of symphonic elements with brutal death vocals. Throw in some industrial influences and we pretty much sum it up. Liked 7 of the 8 tracks with 2 heading to the playlist. This one was not as good as the last album I heard from them....

<new release>

Funeral Leech - The Illusion of Time (2024) ... 73.890

-Death Metal

This is the 2nd album I have heard from these guys. They like to mix in Doom elements with the Death Metal but I would not call them a Death Doom band though others do. The last track gave us some Funeral Doom but then morphed into something I did not like. Each of the 5 tracks were pretty lengthy and I really liked the Death riffs that they produce. I ended up liking 4 of the 5 tracks and overall this album was a couple steps down from their last in my liking.
80's Metal Monday!


Saxon - Rock the Nations (1986) ... 69.735

-Heavy Metal

It's Saxon so there will be tracks I like and others I don't. Overall, did not care for this one.....

Horndal - Head Hammer Man (2024) ... 75.260

-Post MetalCore

First time hearing this band from Sweden I believe and I'm not very familiar with this genre. Got a bit of Sludge in with the vocal style. Overall I did like it with two tracks heading to the playlist.

Hippie Death Cult - Helichrysum (2023) ... 76.070

-Heavy Psych Rock

How did I miss this release last year. This album would of made my top albums for 2023 year list. This is their 3rd full length album which I have heard them all. I liked everything on it but this album ranks a bit lower than the others....