What Movies Did You See in January 2014?

This weather has kept me indoors, this is what I watched this week....

Suspended Animation (US-2001)

Starts out similar to "Misery" with an animation writer/director being held against his will while on vacation but turns into something else.... 5.0/8

Hitori kakurenbo: Gekijô-ban (Japan-2009)

J-Horror, Creepy Hide and Seek or "Hide and Go Kill 2" is about this new craze kids are playing. You play it on line and by doing these certain rituals you can summon a ghost who creeps around searching for you... 4.5/8

Dead of Winter (US-2006)

New Years Party turns horrific for a couple who doesn't realize that their drinks were laced and they become lost in the woods in the dead of winter... 4.0/8

These are the Damned (UK-1963)

An American tourist in the UK is set up by a pretty girl who lures him around the corner for her brother the leader of a Teddy Boys gang to rob him. Well, they meet up again and fall for each other but now the gang is chasing them and they end up running into a secret military base that houses some strange children.... What a surprise this Hammer Film was, never even heard of it before accidentally stumbling on it.... 6.0/8

Bad Kids go to Hell (US-2012)

A group of students that get detention are locked in the library to complete an assignment. You got it, the Breakfast Club and even the characters in this film resemble that flick. In fact, they even mention it as one of the characters states "This is not the Breakfast Club" in the movie. Well, unlike the Breakfast Club these students summon up a demon and one by one start turning up dead.... 2.5/8

The Mummy's Shroud (UK-1967)

The 3rd of the 4 Hammer Mummy films is about the same as any other Mummy film. An expedition disturbs a tomb and then the mummy seeks revenge.... this was one of the better ones though and it completes my Hammer Mummy Film viewings.... 4.5/8

Barracuda (US-1978)

aka "The Lucifer Project" ... The Barracuda's are attacking and the local chemical plant may be the cause. This movie is actually about something else but that is the way they sell it. Something even more sinister is happening in this small seaside town.... 4.0/8
Rush 5/8 Some of it was drudgery but some of it was really funny.

Hunger Games: Fire 5/8 more even than Rush but didn't really engage. Formerly one of my favorite actors, PS Hoffman, starting to realize he plays the same character in a lot of his movies. Getting bored by him.

Dallas Buyer's Club. 6/8. Moved along pretty good. Garner didn't ruin it and I don't normally like McConaughey but he was good in this.
Devils Pass. A fake documentary about American hikers who went to russia to study and hike the same pass that 50 years go had 9 russian hikers die in a mysterious way.

It was watchable.......not bad.
Blue is the Warmest Color: 6/8 - Some ridiculous lesbian sex scenes. The French don't mess around. Good flick though, not shocked it won the Palme d'Or.

Fruitvale Station: 5/8 - Pretty much in line with what Jhubbs had to say about it. Solid movie.
Lust on Hell 2: Farewells (Japan-2010)

Continuation of the first. A lone survivor of a car accident can now see the portals of hell and can reach in and pull the dead out.... choppy and confusing like the first ... 3.0/8

Blackenstein (US-1973)

Blaxploitation film... Doctor Stein uses a DNA serum to help out a soldier who lost all his limbs in Vietnam but his jealous assistant sabotages it turning him into a monster that kills white people!!!!! ... 4.0/8

After marinating on Wolf of Wall Street and re-watching some of it I'd like to move my rating up to a 6/8 from a 5/8. It was a very good movie, just too long by about 40 minutes
Way too long. I know they wanted to contend for an Oscar, but they should have continued editing and just released it in February or March, like Clooney opted to do with Monuments Men.
Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke

LOL, seen this several times and it came on last night on IFC. Was just going to watch the first scene but before I knew it I watched the whole thing..... lol..... 5.0/8
Jesse Eisenberg was cast to play Lex Luthor in the Batman/Superman movie. Not sure if WB is trolling us or not with these casting decisions. He's a fine actor, but he doesn't exactly come off as villainous.
Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke

LOL, seen this several times and it came on last night on IFC. Was just going to watch the first scene but before I knew it I watched the whole thing..... lol..... 5.0/8

Loved that movie when o first saw it on HBO when HBO was big