The Official MMA Thread


Almost forgot about this rare weekday event. Still not used to having sporting events back in any capacity.

My Fight Picks:

Smith - L (6-4)
Rothwell - W (6-3)
Hernandez - L (5-3)
Simon - W (5-2)
Lins - L (4-2)
Johnson - L (4-1)
Eubanks - W (4-0)
Morales - W (3-0)
Kelleher - W (2-0)
Sherman - W (1-0)
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What is your thoughts on a Tony vs. Khabib fight now? It's looking pretty slim unfortunately. Justin seems to match up better with Khabib.
Tony/Khabib is a cursed fight that I've come to accept will never happen. It's been scheduled at least four times and something always derails it. Gaethje's win pretty much knocks Tony down a rung or two anyway.