Jackson (4-1) @ Lake (4-1)

Never sent in a question, but I'm gonna try it...
At this game last night, on 2 occasions, a Lake defensive player was approached by the ref and sent to the sidelines to side out one play. One was after an awesome tackle on the sidelines.. defensive player got up and was jumping up and down in celebration. Ref chased him down in the huddle and sent him to the sidelines. The other was when QB was scrambling around for his life and got laid out by a defensive player. That player was talked to by the ref and sent to the sidelines for one play. When this one came off the field, it appeared the coach yelled at him.... What is going on with this? If it was unsportsmanlike conduct, then why didn't they just throw the flag? Can they send you off the field for 1 play? WTH... Thoughts?
Smoove will answer your ponderizations, RETREAD,

Often times in the course of a game the officials will speak to players and get them back under control for numerous reasons. Sometimes the players are celebrating too close to the opposing team or player and rather than throw the yellow tissue on the field, they try to quell it before it gets crazy. Believe Smoove, not all officals want to toss their hankie on the ground. Those are big penalties and they know it can change the flow and Moove of the game. Smoove don't like many officials and Smoove have had many a run-in with them diring the 2 days Smoove coached junior-pee-wee midget football in Luling, Louisiana. Smoove got outta control, ran out on the field, and threw one of those midget officials daggone near into the Mississippi River, y'all! Smoove was not proud of Smoove's behavior and Smoove offered many apologistications to the little dude once the Luling's finest got him out the tree he was stuck in, but the little dude pressed charges and Smoove evaded Slammer-time by paying for a massive Crayfish Boil for the entire league. THAT was a good time and met many a nice midget-mom at that boil!!!

Smoove digresses. From what smoove gained from a person at the Lake -Jackson game and Smoove was never offered that opporunity to be the color-commentator on the stream version, Lake dominated Jackson all over the field, up and down the field and even on the sidelines. Jackson has a nice young QB, but they couldn't keep the Lake defenders off him long enough to let him do his thang. Smoove knows when the QB can't do his thang, it ain'y gonna be a good outcome. Lake might be comin' on strong and they will need it all to be in full-force on Friday when they get to tangle with the Bulldogs at Tommy Benson. Smoove is on a first-name basis with Tom.....well, Smoove was when Tommy was takin' in air. Tommy met Smoove one time when he came to Canton for the HOF festivities and Smoove was a chauffer-type mega-man pickin' up the big wigs and players from the AKC. Smoove was drivin' these big dudes and rich dudes all over. Smoove was asked by Tommy to call him TB, so Smoove got TB right off the tarmac and y'all will never guess what TB asked Smoove to get for him.....Go ahead and guess.........Smoove knew what he wanted, so we goes to Gatsby's and TB was lovin' it. Smoove threw shade bein' all neuvo-rich Smoove and puttin' the Mooves on the "employees", and TB got himself a private showing. YEp, even the billionaires need to see some. After that, Smoove was invited to TB's party that night, got to drink some of the finest ahhcohol, mingle with some of the best ball playas ever, and Smoove was in like a son with TB.

Dang it, Smoove got distractinated again. Anywhoo, Smoove heard it from Smoove's source that Jackson kids, the QB was one, made comments on the Lake players and one of the ones called out by the Jackson QB got talked to by an official. Supposedly said Lake was soft, not really good and they were gonna do a number on them. Seems to Smoove that Lake did a #2 on Jackson. Smoove will give advice all the time, warranted or not, and Smoove will tell Jackson QB to quit the social media stuff and predictionations. Leave that to Smoove. You young, Smoove is veteran and well-aged, which is what the concession ladies keep tellin' Smoove. Smoove gonna have to reach out and touch base with some of Smoove's old ladeis Smoove had the pleasure of triumphantly pleasing back in the day to see how the Bulldogs look. Smoove heard they are good, so will need to find out before the predictionations come out later this week.

Peace to all y'all. Smoove out
Wait, Did Smoove read Lake had 10 sacks in that game?? OUCH!!!!! Congrats to Jackson offense, Yo! Smoove would think you gots to do a couple years in the clink to get 10 SACKS!!! DAAYYYUUMMM!!!!😧😬