2023 Glenville Football

I was replying to a post that stated Ed’s lost to Massillon, so there was no real reason to say that. I’m just saying you can’t just look at the Eagles’ by far worst game and forget their other games.
You were? Never mind, I was just joshing with you, hence, this emoji 😉
Avon, St. V, and Olentangy Liberty disagree. And next year’s schedule completely disagrees. We’re trying to get you guys on our Fr. and JV schedules this Fall, fingers crossed. And I know we’re trying to schedule regular season in 2024, fingers crossed.
According to Arbiter, Glenville and Massillon Washington have scheduled games at the JV and Freshman levels for the 2023 football season.
No one forgot but we actually win state titles on the field not claim them.
Evidently, that loss stung a lot. Sore loser. Actually, your Eagles should have also lost to the Tigers in 2020! See you in September!
The second post makes no sense. (Post #277). That loss was actually a turning point for St Edward's season.
I bet no Eagles fan would call describe that loss as "stinging" in April 2023.
If the Tigers would have won D2 the loss may have been more important, but obviously that didn't happen.
The second post makes no sense. (Post #277). That loss was actually a turning point for St Edward's season.
I bet no Eagles fan would call describe that loss as "stinging" in April 2023.
If the Tigers would have won D2 the loss may have been more important, but obviously that didn't happen.
No, what makes no sense is you sticking your nose into someone else’s conversation.
That 2005 game ended very similarly as the 2022 game. 🐅By the way, learn how to spell losing. Your Eagles lost both games.

I’m done, this is a Glenville thread.
I’m glad this guy is finally taking the L and bowing out of this thread.

The adults can now talk about Glenville.
Looks like they got Tomlinson to transfer for his senior year. Not much of a passer but a pretty good running QB and a heck of a basketball player.
Hopefully, Glenville can repeat as D4 champs this year. They have a very nice regular season schedule. Lots of challenging games. That's what it's gonna take to win.
It’s very sad. You didn’t always feel that way about Massillon.
Nothing sad about it. Put on your big boy pants. You dish out just like everyone else on yappi. Difference is when you do it on a Massillon thread they just ban you from commenting. This is a Glenville thread so I can respond to Massillon goons with freedom.

Glenville should repeat as D4 champs and will give Hoban all they can handle. Should be a quite a game for both teams and fanbases.
No, he’s not supposed to turn kids away. However he needs to play by the same set of rules that everyone else plays by. Bottom line is they have a d2 enrollment in Glenville and because he uses HIS academy as a side show he is able to play d4. BS in my opinion.
Bro come on now you can't be serious right? Now I will be realistic and I can kind of see where you are coming from but my problem is in the state of Ohio at least on the football side there has been a problem with parochial schools such as St Ignatius,Eds, Moeller,X ,Hoban an a few they all have found loop holes to bring the best talent from the state but most people don't bat a eye about but when a inner city school "finds a loop hole" it's a problem?
Hopefully Moree agrees to play us in 2024. And I know he plays Ed’s and Moe, not saying he ducked The Ville but he didn’t think the reward was worth the risk. But S/O to Tyrell, October 6th and Dowed will be a banger!!! And seriously best of luck against Hoban.
That's not true at all bro I know this is not a Massillon thread so I do not want to turn this into a Glenville versus Massillon thread but I know for a fact that that statement is not true because that was last year week 9 when we played that JV game against that Canadian team glenville did reach out to play but they did not reach out into I believe it was either Sunday or Monday and Coach Moore said he would have played them if they would have gave him more of a notice because of the way they prep for teams that's why he didn't play it last year
That and Avon was a D2 regional finalist that Glenville beat in a helluva game and St. Edward lost to a D2 regional finalist. Not sure how anyone can say Avon is a legit D2 contender.
You're joking right? Come on now bruh I like Glenville but you making them look real bad right now you just talking just to talk.... Glenville was good af least year I give credit where credit is due but for you to sit here and act like Avon is not a legit D2 contender it's blasphemy
Ted reached out to Moore about playing a Varsity game in 2023. St. V wouldn’t renew us and we dropped two Senate games. He wanted to load up the 5 non-league games with all heavyweights. If you look at my posts, I made it clear Moore wasn’t ducking The Ville, it just didn’t work out for this season but I figured Fr and JV would matchup which they will. And I bet they play Varsity next Fall.
Scheduling is definitely a challenge when you are constrained by a league schedule. At least Glenville got to drop two Senate games. Avon cannot do that, but thankfully at least the league schedule has a couple D2 heavyweights in Avon Lake and Olmsted Falls. Avon is trying to load up future schedules too, but only have the first three weeks to do it. Avon has been trying to get Massillon for a few years, but the schedules haven’t matched up. They are still trying. Avon is finishing up a deal with a massive D1 heavyweight for Week 1 in 2024 and 2025. The plan is to keep Glenville at Week 3 forever, as long as Coach Ginn wants it. Week 2 is Canton McKinkey in 2023 and 2024, but after that the plan is to get Massillon, Mentor or Steubenville in that slot. Bottom line, it’s not easy to get every game scheduled that you hope to schedule. It has to work for both schools.