Worst Mascots in Ohio

Does anyone know of any schools that have separate mascots for certain sports teams within their district? For example, in Stark County East Canton is the Hornets in all sports except girls' basketball where they are the Wizards. Does anyone know of any other schools with anything similar?
Browns and Buckeyes are both pretty horrible team names/mascots.

As for high schools, I’ll go with the Oak Hills Highlanders. No one’s ever been afraid of a dude wearing a kilt except maybe Rowdy Roddy Piper. Maybe they’re supposed to confuse their opponents into submission from not being able to understand a thick Scottish accent.

It’s true, it’s true. Trust me …
Olentangy Braves in an attempt to be woke is now the Olentangy Ospreys
OLSD redid their logos/branding, in the name of being more “uniform” (eye roll), and funny you mention it…

Browns and Buckeyes are both pretty horrible team names/mascots.
After reading through all the posts I've come to the conclusion unique is better. I mean how many Tigers, Eagles and Lions do we really need. I like the fact the Browns don't have anything on their helmets and Buckeye helmets look like they have marijuana leaves. Ha!
I’ll vote for the Lakotas. They took an awesome mascot in the Thunderbirds and put it thru a bad divorce resulting in Firebirds(not a bad name, awful logo) and ThunderHawks.
Was it me, or did the original Lakota West logo look like the United States Postal Service bird logo? Also, didn’t Lakota West alter the Wisconsin W to keep using it? High schools that blatantly copy logos drives me nuts more than bad nicknames.
In New York, South Park is the Sparks.

Fredonia Hillbillies as mentioned.

In PA the Cathedral Prep Ramblers. Washington Prexies. Mapletown Maples. Steelton-Highspire Steamrollers.

Virginia has the Galax Maroon Tide.

Texas has the Hutto Hippos. The Grandview Zebras. Mason Punchers.

Kansas has the Liberal Redskins.
Our old physical mascot was basically Gumby with a pompadour. Fun fact, a past wearer of the costume went on to become Brutus Buckeye.

Troy is the only school that should be the Trojans. It actually means, "of Troy".

I'm disappointed that Romulus Senior High in Michigan doesn't use Warbirds as a nickname.
Always disappointed that my current hometown, Perrysburg, uses an IMHO lame Yellow Jackets, when the more unique Commodores or even Hazards are there (town named after Oliver Perry)
I’ll give one out of state, Morgantown WV, the Mohigans, as for Ohio I and surprised no one has brought up the Piketon Redstreaks. Would love to see them play against the Bluestreaks
Freeport, Illinois are the Pretzels due to the German heritage there.
My dad played for the Pretzels. Actually there was a large pretzel factory in Freeport. As an aside, our daughter is a professor at Mary Baldwin Univ. The Fighting Squirrels with Gladys the fighting squirrel as a mascot. All girls until going coed a couple of years ago. Slogan was “Go Nuts” you can’t make this stuff up
Indiana has some wacky names:
Jimtown Jimmies
Frankfort Hot Dogs
Speedway Sparkplugs
Hobart Brickies
Plymouth Pilgrims
Manchester Squires
Goes with Wellington Dukes and how the female teams are the Lady Dukes...they should be the Duchesses?!

Also, Brooklyn Hurricanes...because Northeast Ohio is a hotbed for hurricanes :rolleyes:
Gotta be careful with gender based names in this day and age. Kenyon College Lords and Ladies are no more as of this year. Changed to the Owls to be more gender inclusive.