Updates: Marion Local (15-0) vs. Kirtland (15-0) (12/3/22)

TV, radio, everyone on here except me, and now even Digital Scout all day it was good, so I'm going with 7-0.
ML trick play. HB pass (Otte) intercepted by Kirtland. Hornets take over. Personal foul penalty on ML. Hornet ball at their own 42.
Kirtland ball on their own 42.

1-2 yard run
2-pass batted down
3-pass... intercepted by Marion Local (#5) for a touchdown
Marion Local kickoff, Hornets take over at their own 30. Kick impacted by the wind, bounced on the turf, and nearly recovered by the Flyers. Kirtland ball.

1-run 2 yards
2-pass incomplete
3-penalty... encroachment ML. 5 yard penalty. now 3rd & 3.
3-run 2 yards... marked just short. Flag on the play. Personal foul late hit on Kirtland. 4th & 16.
4-punt, long roll with the wind. Flyers take over.
Kirtland ball at the Marion Local 24

1-run 5 yards, penalty. Face mask on Marion Local

First down
Kirtland ball on the ML 12

1-run 2 yards
2-run 2 yards

Injury timeout. Kirtland* player down.

4:37 3Q
Kirtland ball on the ML 8, third down

3-run no gain. Marion Local blows up line of scrimmage causing a bad handoff
4-Timeout Kirtland

3:38 3Q
Kirtland ball on the ML 8, 4th & 8

4-pass 8 yards, touchdown hornets

Kirtland XP is blocked.

Marion Local 14, Kirtland 6

3:34 3Q
Kirtland kickoff. Squib kick, but Marion Local recovers at their own 45.

1-incomplete pass deep, penalty... pass interference on Kirtland

First down Flyers

3:28 3Q