Updates: Marion Local (15-0) vs. Kirtland (15-0) (12/3/22)


Go Buckeyes
Updates in this thread for tonight's game:

Maria Stein Marion Local (15-0) vs. No. 2 Kirtland (15-0)
Looking for a volunteer to do updates for this game in this thread.

I'll be here for the start of the game but have to leave before the end of the first quarter.
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Kirtland ball on Marion Local 48.

1-run 1 yard
2-run 1 yard
3-pass incomplete
4-punting...Marion Local faircatch at their 24.

8:10 1Q
Marion Local ball on their 24.

1-run 4 yards
2-run 1 yard
3-run (-2) yards
4-punting...Kirtland takes over at their 13 after long roll on punt,

6:21 1Q
Kirtland ball on their 13.

1-run 1 yard
2-run 4 yards
3-run 4 yards
4-punting...Marion Local takes over at Kirtland 30. Wind knocked that punt down.

4:23 1Q
Marion Local ball on Kirtland 30.

1-penalty false start (-5) yards
1-run 5 yards
2-pass 4 yards
3-run (-1) yard
4-going for it...timeout Marion Local

2:28 1Q
6-0, PAT no good.

Total yards at halftime: Kirtland 101, MSML 116
First downs: Kirtland 5, MSML 6

The difference was field position due to a couple short punts by Kirtland.