Top 10

i play for lakota west so fill u in.

We lost to Mason 4-1, but wyatt lippert pulled off a 2 set blow out against chris hall.

We then beat Oak Hills 4-1 today with our first doubles losing everyone else winning.

We have hamilton, madiera, and lakota east in the next 5 days.
how are they overated? east has one of the best players in ohio. Neither team is standout but both are decent.
wknoll2298 said:
top 5 for DII because it is worthless once you get past indian hill and chca
indian hill
seven hills
i dont really know the 4 and 5 spots
to bad div 2 is better than div 1
St. X Team said:
to bad div 2 is better than div 1
This year that seems to be true especially in the Cincy area, becuase the D2 titles are going to Cincinnati, while in D1 is not as impressive this year with the exception of X.
i disagree with that statment. The top five teams in the city are
Indian Hill
Walnut Hills
3 of which are D1. D2 might have a few bigger star players but D1 is way deeper
D2 is never as deep as D1, but D2 teams and players are more likely to win states, so D2 is better in Cincinnati than D1 on a state level.
i disagree with that as well. Matt Allare will more than likely win state with all four state qualifiers from the cincy area making a good showing. The St.X doubles teams or Stuckey/Starr should win the doubles title and St.X should win state. That would be D1 winning at state i believe