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anybody have any predictions for the top 10
here are mine
st. xavier a
st xavier b
lakota east
oak hills
top 5 for DII because it is worthless once you get past indian hill and chca
indian hill
seven hills
i dont really know the 4 and 5 spots
Alot of wknoll's predictions are probably too close to call at this time, I think Mason would be higher, especially higher than Loveland and possibly Turpin. They've got 3 Reliable singles players plus a 4th who will be put at doubles, and the remaining players can probably hold their own.
Ok Spartan, here is the big match up.
Loveland v Mason

First of all it is still being disputed who will play first. I believe Stahl should, but I here Gullitus is. We will just pretend Stahl is playing first, as he should.

Chris Hall just beat Stahl recently, handely I might add. Now, granted I believe Stahl is a better player, that match is a throw up at best.

Anothony Pham and Jeff Gullitus is also a throw up. Gullitus is more solid, but Pham is very streaky, ranging from excellent to terrible.

Streicker and Bobby Eberhard is another throwup, however Bobby is playing very well lately.

As for doubles, Mason has a whole Varsity B team to draw from, plus Brian Caprio, who is easily a better player than Loveland's best doubles player, Andy Jarc. Mason will take both doubles court, giving them the upper hand.
to say that three of the top seven teams in the city coming from the favc is a bold statement. oak hills should be dominant i would imagine that they would be better then at least one of those have no clue of what you speak. First of all, you have absolutely no clue about Loveland's team, who is playing where, and how good its members are. Allow me to explain.

First of all, it is written in stone that Gulitus is going to play first singles. His father is the assistant coach, and regardless of whether you think Stahl is better than Gulitus or not, Gulitus has the "sucking the coach's ----" advantage. And I actually think Jeff is better than Stahl, especially because Stahl has been taking tennis lightly by playing basketball lately. Anyway, Jeff will probably destroy Pham with his consistency and and smart play. Pham is too streaky to even be considered a favorite. Remember, Pham lost to Matt Sherba (a 14 year old?) over the summer.

Next, we will have Stahl at second singles. Although he had a bad loss against Hall recently, it is only a stepping stone that Stahl will use to get back into his faceraging self. And also, if you think Stahl is so much better than Jeff, then why has Jeff beaten Chris Hall within the past year? What I', trying to say is that Stahl will be back to normal and probably play an clutch match to beat Chris for the victory.

Next... we have Aaron, "THE A-TRAIN", Streicker playing Bobby Eberhard. This match is a throwup. Aaron has been playing like garbage lately and just might lose to Bobby, but his record overall against Bobby is 1-0.

Now we have Andy Jarc and Ricardo Huezo at first doubles. They will be playing against Caprio and some no-name. And has been a good doubles player for his whole career, and although he hasn't been playing much, he can still volley better than Caprio. You obviously haven't seen him play lately and are comparing him to how he played when he was younger. If anything ,he has gotten better and will probably carry Loveland to a 1st doubles victory.

The rest is irrelevant.
loveland might win that match stahl just beat pham in a close three sets but that is irrelevant because pham and gulitis would be playing then stahl and hall would play each other and streicker and eberhard i think loveland woul have to get all three singles and masons varsity b isnt anything special so dont go proclaiming them and oak hills isnt that great this year but they will be in the top 10
Where do you think the DII teams fit in the DI bracket? I know Indian Hill, CHCA, and 7 Hills will easily be the best eams in DII, and I believe that some of the DI would struggle with these three teams.
Indian Hill could possibly be the best team in the state regardless of division. There match against St.X should decide who can make that claim. Besides them though CHCA is solid with havens shidler and dahmus but against deep teams like X, sycamore and walnut i think they will struggle and who does 7 hills have besides labor?
I would agree for the most part, but 7 Hills has the doubles players to make up for their lack of depth at singles. I think that 7 Hills could give most good D1 teams a run. However, I am not going to say that they could be St. X, becuase thats ridicoulous, but they could beat some of th lower part of the D1 Top 10. When do Indian Hill and St. X play? That should be an amazing match!
May 4 at Indian Hill for the Indian Hil St. X match. That should be the championship for the city unless there are some injuries or weird upsets.l
the comment on chca they are good you are forgetting about shidler he will play number 2 havens shidler dahmus they dont need much more depth because they will win most of those matches
I said CHCA might struggle against deep teams because it is going to force havens shidler and dahmus to play good every match because if one of them slip up the match is over
If anyone take one singles match aganist CHCA, they can be beaten. Their doubles teams are jokes aganist the rest of the quality teams in the area. However, it will be tough for most schools to take a singles match from CHCA, unless Havens is not playing due to the Easter Bowl?
I think Havens is playing in the Easter Bowl, but I am not sure, which could mean thta CHCA could easily be beaten eariler in April.
ih can play with anybody. they were very good last year and they don't lose anybody. they only gain devin mccarthy who an automatic singles player. the doub;es players have been working very hard to make sure they get pt. this will only lead to better play.
I can agree that Indian Hill can play with anyone in the state of Ohio. St. X is the only team that I can see having a chance in more than 2 matches, since their singles are amazing and their doubles are still some of the best in state.
actaully talking with strunk he might not be playing because he doesnt like hemmingway and shidler plays up at 5 seasons and for who ever said if havens loses a match they will lose is dumb havens wont lose a match maybe to allare but i doubt it
What I said was not that Havens will lose a match, but that he will be playing the Easter Bowl, which will force CHCA to play Shilder at 1 and Dahmus at 2, unless they stack, which they did aganist CCD last year. This will leave CHCA vunerable to defeat for the first week of the season. However, with Havens they probably only lose to Indian Hill and St. X.
Why would Strunk not play? His team is loaded and he has a chance at a state ring as a team and doubles. Playing High School tennis is a blast, why waste the experience
It's not just sad because he has a chance for state. He's worse than both McCarthys, so what he might play third but probably play doubles. Someone like Strunk isn't getting better at Highschool, so the coach really doesn't matter.