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I believe that one should play for their school, regardless of how good or bad they are, if they can help the program. Billy should learn to be satsified at Indian Hill without playing first singles. If you really want to play, accept your position, or transfer schools.
Fans361 said:
What I said was not that Havens will lose a match, but that he will be playing the Easter Bowl, which will force CHCA to play Shilder at 1 and Dahmus at 2, unless they stack, which they did aganist CCD last year. This will leave CHCA vunerable to defeat for the first week of the season. However, with Havens they probably only lose to Indian Hill and St. X.

I like how when my team doesn't even stack, we are accused of stacking when Indian Hill and St. X do it in nearly every big match they play and no one ever complains about it....and no im not playing the easter bowl this year
chca doesnt stack and and st xavier high school not every school gets players to come and play tennis just for them and fyi turpin is #4 in the city so you can back to playing on your jv b team for the next four years because i doubt you will be making varsity
CHCA stacked last year aganist CCD without Havens, becuase they played Dahmus ahead of Shilder. I never said they stack all the time, because they don't. Straight up CHCA is a very good tennis team.
I don't understand how it can be called stacking when you put the person who won during the practice matches at 1. Dahmus beat Shidler the first time they played in practice, which was before the CCD match. Once again, you have no idea what you're talkin about. We would've won either way and it wasn't even a big match so why would we even bother stacking? Indian Hill stacked against us last year and I don't hear anyone complaining...
As i stated on the other thread..i was the manager for the X team last year..and they were in second in the state by a lot and quite a ways away from first who was kings..but who wasnt quite a ways away from kings...anyways yea..St.X is most def. the best in the city this year, theres no way IH or Sycamore or any other program in the state is better..St.X will have tough matches but most likely only against a team or two up north..Ignatius usually puts up a good fight and also Louisville St. Xavier in KY, St.X took second last year without a single senior that played...and only one was on the A team period...if they dont win state this year...itll be a real shame, cause they have a rediculous amount of talent..this years X team is prolly one of the best throughout X tennis history...
No, IH will def. NOT win...St. X doubles is pretty exceptional, esp. considering the duo that nearly won state last year were number one in cincy are returning and also second doubles is very good...IH will lose both doubles matches for certain..that means only one singles player will have to win to beat IH and that will happen..shankar and mcarthy on court 1 will not matter
turpinspartan08 said:
anybody see the state team tourney draw turpin has milford first round i know that should be fun
Yea. Is Conrad first? And Will Knoll second? Because if that's the case you aren't even top 10 in the city.
Winner of Turpin / Milford has Princeton or Walnut Hills(add in Springboro), making it tough for the winner to advance on. Turpin and Walnut should be a good match, if that comes to be.
Bombersrule87 said:
No, IH will def. NOT win...St. X doubles is pretty exceptional, esp. considering the duo that nearly won state last year were number one in cincy are returning and also second doubles is very good...IH will lose both doubles matches for certain..that means only one singles player will have to win to beat IH and that will happen..shankar and mcarthy on court 1 will not matter
mcarthy will beat shankar devin and stunk will both win so that is three wins
If Strunk is not playing for IH then it will be tough for them to beat St. X. Then, Malingham would be playing third singles, a match that St. X could take, giving them the victory.
Strunk said he isn't playing due to the USTA tournament schedule, so who else would play 3rd singles for IH? Unless Struck changes his mind, St. X can beat IH.
I feel as though St. X could beat IH even is Strunk does play. Andrew Mccarthy will probably take care of Shankar and St.X should win both the doubles matches. It comes down to 2nd and 3rd singles where Pat Bandy and J.T. Torbeck have both improved. Not saying it will happen but i would go 50/50 on 2nd and 3rd singles with strunk playing and all St.X will need is one of them. Should be a great match.. to bad im out of town that week
Is St. X singles line up behind Shankar set, since St. X has so many guys that could play singles, they could posibly match up better aganist IH than a normal slate.
From the Cincinnati Enquirer

Can St. Xavier win the Cincinnati area's third Division I state team title in the past four seasons? Local tennis coaches seem to think so, anointing the Bombers the unanimous preseason favorites.

Despite a lineup with a whopping five returning state qualifiers, St. X coach Russ King has seen enough over 22 seasons to know his first state title isn't a given.

"I'm not buying my state championship ring just yet," King said with a laugh. "I've been in the same place before with teams that shoulda, coulda, woulda. You never know what can happen."

Individually, Kings junior Matt Allare is favored to add a state singles championship to the consecutive state doubles titles he already has won.

In Division II, Indian Hill has a good shot at a fourth state team title in six years after a surprising second-place finish last season. Defending state singles champ Steve Havens of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy leads a strong contingent of individual talent.


St. X is so loaded that junior Shankar Ramaswamy probably will man the No. 1 singles spot again this year, ahead of defending state quarterfinalist J.T. Torbeck.

Senior Kris Mehan and junior John Drosick finished third at state in doubles, while sophomores Pat Bandy and Marc Pretorius took fourth. Sophomore Jon Gaffney rounds out the lineup.

For Sycamore, senior Sandy Berry (committed to Butler) should be one of the top players in Ohio after finishing as the state doubles runner-up with junior Carl Bernstein. Seniors Manoj Rajagopal, Greg Martin and Jordan Cohen and junior Ethan Arenstein are returning starters as well.

Walnut Hills isn't quite as deep as the Aves, but the Eagles' singles lineup of seniors Jason Stuckey and Peter Roodhouse and junior Brian Starr will be hard to beat.

Senior Ryan Hamning, the defending Greater Miami Conference Player of the Year, anchors a Lakota East team with four returning starters.

Kings is an unknown quantity beyond Allare after graduating the core of last year's squad.


Indian Hill will get immediate contributions from freshman Devin McCarthy, the younger brother of No. 1 player Andrew, and junior transfer Nikhil Taneja. Seniors Nathan Matthews and Esh Ramadas were state doubles quarterfinalists together, while junior Vinod Mahalingam reached the doubles finals last season. "I've never had a team this deep," said Indian Hill coach Chris Hemingway.

The Braves will feel the absence of sophomore Billy Strunk, who paired with Mahalingam last season but isn't playing this year at this point.

CHCA might not have that sort of depth, but there is plenty of firepower at the top. In addition to Havens, junior Ryan Shidler and senior Teddy Dahmus were state qualifiers in doubles a year ago.

Seven Hills has a solid No. 1 in sophomore Sam Laber, plus returning seniors Kyle McNeill, Cole McIlwraith, Cooper Sawyer and junior Rohit Sudarshan.

Cincinnati Country Day's headliner again is Chris Herrlinger, a defending state singles finalist and University of Louisville recruit.

Summit Country Day will be without senior Cody Steele, a state doubles qualifier a year ago, though junior Jared Dunnmon, Steele's partner, returns for new coach Adam Moeller.




(First-place votes in parentheses)

1. St. Xavier 110 (11)
2. Sycamore 93
3. Walnut Hills 84
4. Lakota East 53
5. Turpin 52
6. Mason 47
7. Kings 30
8. Oak Hills 28
9. Loveland 24
10. Lakota West 18

Others: St. Xavier "B" 14, Elder 4, Fairfield 1, Mason "B" 1.


(First-place votes in parentheses)

1. Indian Hill 58 (4)
2. Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy 56 (2)
3. Seven Hills 48
4. Cincinnati Country Day 37
5. Summit Country Day 35
t-6. Madeira 12
t-6. Wyoming 12
8. Mariemont 10
9. Roger Bacon 7
10. Finneytown 5

Others: McNicholas 1.

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