Supreme Court sides with coach in public school prayer case


Go Buckeyes
The Supreme Court on Monday said separation of church and state does not prohibit public school employees from praying aloud on the job near students.

The case involved a high school football coach praying post-game at the 50-yard line, joined by his players.

The court held that the Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses of the First Amendment protect an individual engaging in a personal religious observance from government reprisal; the Constitution neither mandates nor permits the government to suppress such religious expression.


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Lol can't wait for the right's outrage when a Muslim teacher does this with his/her students
boy your education at a Catholic school in Delphos must really have pissed you off..... are you able to even drive past the school anymore, without your WHITE rage taking over? Maybe you should have just asked your parents if you could have gone to Jefferson.....


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You mean pray on their own with no requirement/expectation of anyone joining them?

Horrific, isn't it ?
The real horror is that this case made it all the way to the black robes.
Sense and sensibility are on empty in this country. Just look at the baseball fan’s comment...can’t post about the case, so deflection is the only arrow in his quiver.
That’s horrific.


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Losing is hard, ain't it?

Leftists have awful problems when the constitution is enforced - which should indicate to them that perhaps it's not a good idea to be a leftist - but it whooshes right over their heads. Lol.
Oh palease....

For years is all I heard from the right-wing sound machine was "judicial activism." Right, wrong, or indifferent now you are all about it in the name of your interpretation.


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My reaction to this case has always been along the lines of “who cares”. He was forcing no one to join him and that’s really the line imo.

Want to pray in school? That’s fine but it cannot be forced or in any way implied by the school,
This. Anyone has the right to pray. It simply cannot be forced upon anyone.


"Activist court" 🤣 🤣 🤣 ...... Some people watch wayyyyyy too much daytime/night time television talk shows.

How come you never hear about the "activist courts" that ruled in Brown -v- Board of Education ?


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just so much hate always in your posts...... just a guess you don't go to church anymore.....

that...and your hate for Kid Rock.... maybe you should lighten up a bit
The random Kid Rock mention? I don't think I've said anything about him since the last time he opened his mouth and said/did something moronic