Rep. Edwards suggests the government should take over the OHSAA

And the state would pay him with what?
The Principals Athletic Conference, otherwise known as #PACtion, will offer up gift cards to our flagship store: BellStores

As it relates to this, the Dems don’t have anything to do with it. If Jay Edwards were a Dem this idea would get killed in the cradle instantly (as it should.)

I’m not optimistic this idea he pitched will get far, anyways, since there’s basically three factions in the current Ohio House and he’s in the smallest camp of the three. There’s serious animosity in the Republican caucus toward him and some of his colleagues tracing back to the Speaker vote in early January, and I don’t think the Dems are really interested in taking this on either. He’d either need massive GOP support or strong bipartisanship for this to get real traction moving forward. With there being larger public policy items higher up on the agenda this might not come to pass anytime soon.
If the state legislature takes over the OHSAA, can a championship trophy be named in honor of Larry Householder?
That was me. I didn't realize they went back to giving the host school any funds for stadium rental when not a neutral site. Did that start up again in 2021 or 2022? Hard to find the playoff handbook that shows the pricing for reimbursements.

Cities are where you're more likely to find private schools. Because of the numbers involved to finance a private school, you're not finding them in rural areas. Guess what, private schools aren't taking the bottom of the barrel students.

You take the most affluent, parent-involved students out of publics and have the gull to act surprised when the public schools struggle to educate the very students private schools would punt from their classrooms, then I don't know how to answer it for you.
Not surprised at all . When the product stinks thats what happens. The situation in Public Schools especially in Columbus City Schools was again their own fault. Look no further back than 1977 and Federal Judge Robert M. Duncan .
His decision destroyed Columbus City Schools and they never recovered. Been downhill every since. Before then rarely did any non christian students attend private schools.
Private Schools in noway raises the cost of educating Public School kids. Link me that. If anything Private School , home Schooled and Academy Schools parents tax money gets thrown into the public School kitty and in theory should help defray the cost of Educating those in the Public Schools.
How much does Columbus public schools cost per student?

On average, they increased just under 8.2% from the 2020-21 to 2021-22 school years. Columbus City Schools also holds the top spot for percent increase in expenditures, from $13,930 per pupil to $21,211, or just under 52.3%

the schools are funded with 10% increases per student on average almost every year. On average $15,000 plus for Urban Schools - $12,000 plus per Rural. Just because you throw money at something doesn't make it successful.

Check the Report Cards for the 3 C's Public School Grade Card Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, all Failed State Standards all 3 Cities tightly controlled from Mayors Office to City Council to School Boards by Democrats. Or should i dare say Liberal Democrats

Its Trumps fault i know
That is probably higher then Iggy tuition., wow!
Yea...don't think so...

"A funding system sending just $1,938.36 per student to the Cleveland Heights - University Heights Schools, while sending a voucher for $5,500 (grades K-8) or $7,500 (grades 9-12) for the same children to attend private schools"