Let's enjoy the Music!

I'll fess up. Not happening, lol. Guy Lombardo on New Years Eve is about as close as I'd get to 60s big band music and I've no desire to relive.
Some opera anyone?

I have only seen a couple performed with the Cleveland Orchestra and those were done as concerts. For fully staged, which is the best way to see these, you really need to go to NYC or San Francisco to truly see a great theatrical experience as these things cost a ton of $s and the audience is very niche. They live stream the Met on Saturdays in a movie theater with a killer sound system and I hear they sell a lot of tickets. I will say sonically there is nothing like a concert hall filled with these incredible instruments these folks have.

The below is kind of a famous performance of the Toreador Song from Carmen. (If you have ever seen the Bad News Bears you will know this piece.) As with many big name opera staging there was drama behind the scenes at this Met production, they don't call them divas for nothing, and the original guy backed out 3 hours before curtain with voice issues. This is the understudy.

Feelin' a little envy here.
The ‘80s was a great time for the blues. One person told me it was the Blues Brothers that really sparked the revival but I think it was Stevie Ray Vaughn. Nonetheless along with Koko I got to see B B King, honestly Koko put on the better show.
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