Friday Updates (11/18/22)


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1st down Lowry QB draw for 3 yds to the 17
2nd down and 7, Lowry rush off RT to the Canfield 35
1st down, Danny Inglis rush for 2 yards
2nd and 8, officials time out with 3 min to go, HB tackled for a loss of 1
3rd and 9, Lowry pass complete to Roman for 4 yards
4th down punt blocked partially, ball downed at the 19
Chardon 1st and 10 from the 19, 1:38 to go, Henry rush for a 4 yard gain, false start on Logan Bryant
2nd and 11, Andrew Bruce on fly sweep for 13 yards to the 30
1st down, delay of game, waved off after granting Chardon a timeout with 5 seconds to go, a 1 yard rush, will be 2nd and 9

Canfield 0 Chardon 0, end 1st quarter


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Obvious goof up, I think. The Dayton paper updates the games. First score I saw tonight was Lakota West 45-Moeller 0 in the first qtr.????????