Friday Updates (10/20/23)

Wapakoneta 23
Celina 3

End 3Q -- Wapak's on their 11th play of drive after starting on their own 1 yard line
SM with the garbage time touchdown. Now a running clock. Soon to be final.

St Marys 31
Bath 0

0:29 4Q
Boardman QB is intercepted by the Canfield Safety in the end zone on 4th down, and it is returned to the Boardman 20 yard line
Canfield snaps the ball 20 yards over the QB's head, then fumbles the snap the next play
Canfield turns it over on downs with 2 mins to go on the 5 yard line, Boardman's last chance to score

Canfield Cardinals 45
Boardman Spartans 0
Under 2 mins to go 4th quarter