Friday Updates (10/20/23)

Tallmadge going for it on 4th and 3.

Tallmadge 17 yard TD pass from Loveless to Reifsnyder.

Tallmadge 7
Copley 0

10:26 1Q
First play from scrimmage Boardman throws an interception, Canfield ball at the 40.
Eaton and Bindas alternating rushes for 62 yards, Eaton 1 yd TD rush

Canfield Cardinals 7
Boardman Spartans 0
9:33 to go 1st
Steubenville Big Red (4/8-1) 7

Louisville Leopards (3/1-8) 0

Fake punt by Leopards and pick up 1st down.

1st Quarter
St X RB #4 with a 2 yd TD run. Trinity had the ball first, drove most of the length of the field, but was intercepted by X in the red zone, who then drove down the field leading to this score.

St X 7
Trinity FL 0

mid Q1
Steubenville Big Red (4/8-1) 7

Louisville Leopards (3/1-8) 0

After the Leopards turn the ball over on downs, BR fumbles and Leopards recover on the BR 33

1st Quarter
Boardman nearly intercepted twice on their next drive, go for it on 4th and 10, Spartans turn it over on downs Canfield ball.
Eaton 40 yard TD rush
Canfield Cardinals 14
Boardman Spartans 0
7:03 to go 1st quarter
Pat McLaughlin 48 yd TD pass to Koy Beasley. Both teams score on their first possession.

La Salle 7
Elder 7

2:29 Q1