Friday Updates (10/20/23)

2nd Campbell 7 Liberty 13
2nd McDonald 0 Mineral Ridge 20
2nd Warren JFK 6 Southeast 6
2nd Wellsville 0 Lisbon 20
2nd Fitch 0 Harding 13
2nd Chaney 21 East 0
2nd Ursuline 15 Mooney 7
2nd Hubbard 0 South Range 21
2nd Lowellville 13 Springfield 0
2nd Western Reserve 22 Jackson Milton 0
2nd Brookfield 13 Garfield 28
2nd University School 7 Howland 0
Boardman turns the ball over on downs again
Canfield ball at the Boardman 45
Canfield 16 yard TD rush
Canfield Cardinals 38
Boardman Spartans 0
2 mins to go before half time
Waynesville scores on an 89 yard TD pass after intercepting VV deep in their territory.

Waynesville 21
Valley View 20
How is that possible? Details please.
Giving the Lancers-Panthers game a full monitor for the second half, so done covering the St X game tonight. If someone else wants to cover the second half of the X game, this is the link.

St Xavier 21
Trinity (FL) 5

Wapak 34-yd field goal GOOD as time expires

Wapakoneta 23
Celina 3

HALF -- with a Wapak win, both Wapak and Celina will share the WBL crown