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Green was 14 of 20 from the free throw line last night, which is unusually high. Senior Ben Pine had two of the best plays of the year for Green in what could be his final home game- taking a charge when McKinley had a fast break that nullified a bucket that would have tied the game early in the fourth quarter, and fouling the Pups with 8.7 seconds left to put them on the line for 2 shots instead of letting them attempt a game-tying three. And we can't forget sixth man Nicola Bundalo, because McKinley's big guys sure won't! The sophomore put up 22 points! had at least five offensive boards in the second half that gave Green more shots, drained five out of six foul shots, and hit a jumper at the buzzer to end the third.

I don't know if Green can beat GlenOak next Friday, and the Eagles should be favored, but last night was a terrific win. Green is playing far better than seemed possible in mid-December, when the Dawgs sat at 0-2 in the league and I really thought Green was heading for a last-place finish. Couldn't be more proud of our players or our coaches.


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I wish we would play Jackson NOW when were playing good. Last time on the road at Jackson they barely beat us and this time were playing better and at home.