DV: Versailles vs Kirtland Updates and Game Discussion


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Problem is on gadget plays like that, the non-QB usually doesn't know how to, or have time to, make reads. It's "get ball, throw there".
Agreed, 100%, but, he had time to check off the the initial receiver... Just IMO... Ive been a fan of Kirtland since 2019 when they knocked off Sandy Valley, great fans/coaches/program!!! Kudos to Versailles on a GREAT game... To be 100% honest, i'm shocked at the outcome..............


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Thanks you for all your updates the past few days, much appreciated. Minor quibble, because it's my biggest personal pet peeve involving the English language (and it occurs way too often on Yappi) - "dominate" is a verb. For example, Team A will dominate Team B. "Dominant" is a noun. For example, Team A is dominant.

Your updates have been amazing, thanks again!
Tough to get my English right when I 10 seconds between plays.


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What a great game.... what a great weekend. But with that, this brings the 2021 high school football season to an end.

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Amazing game, great job by both teams. Congratulations Versailles on the championship win and congratulations to Kirtland on an amazing run the past 3 years, I’m sure you will be back again next year.

And for the record, my iPad continues to autocorrect Kirtand as well lol.