Division VI State Championship: Marion Local (15-0) vs Kirtland (15-0)

Who wins?

  • Marion Local by 17+

    Votes: 17 8.9%
  • Marion Local by 8-16

    Votes: 56 29.5%
  • Marion Local by 1-7

    Votes: 54 28.4%
  • Kirtland by 1-7

    Votes: 38 20.0%
  • Kirtland by 8-16

    Votes: 20 10.5%
  • Kirtland by 17+

    Votes: 5 2.6%

  • Total voters


Well-known member
Marion Local's reluctance to pass the ball on 3rd and 4th and long is certainly noteworthy. Some odd play calls by the Flyers.


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Looks like Kirtland has a slightly more effective running game than Marion Local today.

However, Marion Local has a passing game. Not spectacular, but effective. Kirtland has to have one of the lesser passing games Marion Local has faced this year.


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Disastrous fourth down play for Marion Local. The Flyers are letting Kirtland hang around. Never a good idea.