Best "position" player on each Ohio lacrosse team

Attack - Troja
Middie - O brian, bowman
LSM - Bublitz
Defense - Mitch

Ive seen moeller, st.x, and lakota practice this off season and moeller seems to be on a whole other level, i dont see a lot of competition for them in the area, the new staff has the players really working hard. I havent seen IH but ive heard about that first middie line, so im looking forward to that moeller - IH matchup.
no im not saying saying that moeller has been practicing outisde for 2 months now...and are cradling throuhg montgomery...
actually... the running through montgomery was organized by the captains as was all of the other lifting and conditioning.
also practicing outside would be a lil difficult in the weather that we've had for the last two months and that is wrong because there hasn't been an open gym outside unless you consider conditioning practice
probably should have wrote these all in one thread, sorry bout that fellas.
but there arent any registered coaches that coach at open gyms
Xlax07 said:
no im not saying saying that moeller has been practicing outisde for 2 months now...and are cradling throuhg montgomery...

No cheating there. Franchise is right, the "craddling through Montgomery" is lead by the captains, not by the coaches. Plus attendence is not required.
moex said:
Xlax07, are you saying that the Saint Xavier coaches are not involved with the lacrosse conditioning or open gyms? Remember, no sticks are allowed until February 27th.

The rule is you cannot practice outside with sticks and balls until february 27th. Lifting and conditioning does not count as practice and open gyms are not outside.
For some of the Division 3 Schools:

Nate Sell - Attack
Josh Ebel - Middie
Jack Duffus - Defense
Ben Jones - Goalie

Jason Keck - Attack
Will Edwards - Middie

Jack Burchenal - Middie
Ty Hall - Goalie

Chris Mitchell-Belford - LSM
Justin Anderson - Attack

Stuart Van Ess - Goalie

Anyone got info on the other programs or quality position players in D3?
Moe has the best D in the city by far. Two kids who have got a ton of playing time. But their attack is lower than most years. IH sounds like they have a fantastic line of mids if those three really are on a line. Attack I dont know give me some input.
Arnold johnson murray schmidt kereiakes and mcmahon are the attack. Starters will probably be brad johnson henry schmidt and ryan murry
kinda feel bad for the guy whose loosing his spot. Most likely went to all the preseason conditioning and worked hard to earn his spot...we'll see how it works out
how does everyone feel about dublin jerome returning everyone from a state championship squad last year? will anyone even be able to compete although they are now D1
moex said:
Lax99, you make an excellent point. Many area coaches would not permit a player to join the team at this late date. Good-luck to Saint Xavier this weekend.

The coaches at St. X left it up to the players to vote on whether or not Andy could come back. They voted yes so they are going to let him back. The coaches may not have done this had Andy not been one of the better defensemen in Ohio.
As far as middies go for X, isn't Gerry Reilly doing really well?

I think Holbrook and Saelinger are good but neither of them are better than Fred.
Thomas Worthington

Attack--Nate Tarr, Stew Jamieson
Middies- Robb Shrader (Ohio Wesleyan) Andy Princehorn (Ohio Wesleyan)
Defense- Connor Anderson (Dartmouth) Scott Monfort (Bucknell)
Worthington Kilbourne

Attack- Andrew Wolford (Bellarmine)
Middie- Colin Igoe(UMASS)
Defense- Reggie Davis (St. Johns, NY)
Goalie- Tony Kvitko (Limestone)
None of those Kilbourne players really did anything against moeller and Bowman played alot better game than Igo with three goals. Mitch Frey dominated Igo when he tried to dodge and same with wolford
what about girls teams? theres no forum for girls teams so...

MND is looking pretty nice.

Starvaggi, Mackey, Smith, Listerman
little more central ohio action
Hilliard Davidson
Attack - Paul Beery Sr. 1st Team All-ohio last year (OSU bound)
Mid- Cody Reynolds Sr. 2nd Team All-ohio (OSU Bound)
D- Robby Dodd Sr. (Whittenberg?)

Paul and Cody are the only kids from the midwest in Ohio State's reqruiting class this year.

ALso St. X plays Davidson this weekend any thoughts??