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  • Talked via IM with my friend , Here's what he said about Paul. They are still good friends , Paul was tough as hell, Had a few problems and had to leave OSU after a few years. Paul still lives in Toledo area so you might be able to locate him via a social media outlet.
    Those guys from that 74-78 era of OSU Wrestlers are very tight to this day.
    Thanks for the info. I may send him a friend request on Facebook. I saw his page out there and he has posted a couple of pictures of his wrestling days at Stritch. Had not heard he ran into some problems down at OSU - but that tends to happen a lot. I don't remember him as being a particularly studious type of guy, but that was before High School when I knew him.
    12-28-17 04:53 PMtcmoon
    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for getting back to me and clarifying. I think it was the "beyond pal" that through me.. Lol
    If you are able to come and see the team wrestle this weekend, please stop up and see us.
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