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    Paddy Gallagher Wins 2nd Mark Zimmer Award

    Nice accomplishment. I did get to see him wrestle in 2020 at districts before the shutdown occurred for state championship. Appears to be humble from what I could see. No chest thumping, flexing after a win, etc. Hope he continues to improve and does great things at his next stop in Columbus.
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    Excellent Wrestling Documentary Movie

    Not that I know of. What he did was win a national championship (actually 3) in wrestling and also won a national Golden Gloves championship in 1958 as a light heavyweight. That same lightweight championship in GG went to Cassius Clay 2 years later in 1960 (along with an Olympic Gold that same...
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    Good luck Team Ohio

    Yikes! Didn't know that. I don't know the situation, but it still seems weird to me to be in HS all the way up to your 20th birthday. I didn't turn 18 until after my first semester in college. I do wish I would have been allowed by my parents to start school the following year. I also...
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    Cam Tessari/Zach Toal Wrestling Camp at Troy Christian 7/25 & 8/01

    Still love the comment he (allegedly) made when he was a junior at Monroeville and said "I'm ranked 1st in the country, but I'm only the 4th best wrestler on my HS team" I don't know if it is true, but that's how legendary stories come about anyway...
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    Hawken Clinic June 21-24 with All-American Ben Darmstandt on Tuesday

    Is Darmstadt coming back to wrestle for Cornell in 2021-22? Or does he even have that option? Would have 4 years in at Cornell and I don't think they let wrestlers redshirt in the Ivy League - and likely do not provide a Covid year either. Could transfer I would imagine since he is probably...
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    Excellent Wrestling Documentary Movie

    Anybody know what Hodge did as an athlete involving a national championship that had never been done before and hasn't been done since he did it? See who can answer it without looking it up now. I came across it before and this just reminded me of it. He also only won a single state...
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    Good luck Team Ohio

    So Ginter will be 19 when he graduates HS? - or were you referring to him not being able to make the 14U cut-off? Thanks for the info on those guys. Seems P'burg is starting to run away from other schools in NW Ohio. Larger population to draw from than in Oregon and a much larger school...
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    Good luck Team Ohio

    Is Wynton Denkins from Perrysburg? If so, it doesn't look like he wrestled in the state tourney for P'burg. I know there were a couple of brothers named Denkins at P'burg in 2020, but only saw one this year in the state tourney brackets. Also wondering if a couple other local Toledo...
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    Logan, Bo and the Buckeyes

    I take it the Buckeyes weren't able to convince Cael Sanderson to take an assistant coaching position. He's on the way down with Iowa taking the national championship this past year. Seems that sentiment has happened in the past at another program, but can't remember exactly where that was....