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  • D1 #6 Walker should be ahead of D1 #5 Mitchell, as he beat him decisively by decision 8-2, at the Mason Comet Invitational this weekend.

    Could make a case for Walker being #2, as he was more dominant against Mitchell than both Quillin (4-3) and Taylor (1-0) were. Walker also pinned an Indiana State Placer (Weingart) in the semi-finals. The kid was very impressive.
    Hey Boro, Forgive the ignorant question. But reading your breakdown of Perrysburg Invite this weekend, there was no mention of any of the kids from Western Reserve Academy nor are there any in the rankings. They wrestled 8 kids and finished 4th as a team. Are they not an OHSAA school? thanks
    Boro Fan
    Boro Fan
    They are a National Prep team/school and do not compete in the OHSAA.
    With all of the recent craziness, will there be a District Placer Returnee list this offseason?
    Boro Fan
    Boro Fan
    Yeah, probably some time towards the end of the month or early May.
    114 - Jake Kiern - St V
    114 - Devyn Vanest - Tuslaw
    146 - Brandon Batson - St V
    154 - Ryan Price - St V
    176 - Jackson Dougherty - Hoban
    209 - Byson Getz - St V
    There was one box score in the had Mayes at 126 winning a 6-5 decision against Keenan from South Range.
    Just wondering if you have any contact information for the Frickers Duals tournament. I want to attend next season.
    Not sure if you caught these or not from Rootstown last night. Loar (Tuslaw) wrestled 182 and Boyle (Rootstown) weighed in at 195.
    Skylar Davis(Fredricktown) beat Luke Hewitt(Hoban) 6-3 in the finals. Hewitt did not seem to be wrestling very well, only slipping by with an 11-9 win in overtime in the semis at the Peg Leg Scuffle.
    Crace is really gone at SPG? Run in with Jordan? Thanks

    Santillo back at HWY. Looking at Howard at 20 O'Malley at 95. You saw it over this past weekend. It's up to Cody what he wants to do.
    D2 126 Freeman from New Lex finished 6th at Medina with a fall over Bartenelli of Medina Buckeye and ahead of Olson from SVSM in the Semi Final he had Gruber Massillon Perry Stuck for quite some time before losing a rough 14-5 decision and recently finished 2nd at Licking Valley to Fogle in a good 8-3 match where he also had Fogle turned as well on a controversial out of bounds call.
    Not sure if you are aware but New Lex is at Steubenville tomorrow night 12/21 for a dual meet i'm not 100% on either schools line up just yet but i would expect this dual to be a very good match in most every weight class.
    Hi boro
    Pimpin my son again
    Tim tusick beat Mauricio Barajas 7 to 1 this summer at BW duals. Also handily beat Jordan Keegan at Elyria and went 12-0. A lot go into rankings I know, just passing it along
    D2 Newark you got Frizzell in QF. Knaup beat him at Barnesville and Freeman from New Lex pinned Knaup in just over a minute at MVL. also Freeman pinned Ross from Warren and Pavlov from Fairfield Union at sectionals both in just over a minute I think this kid is one to watch for sure. Thanks again for all you do for the sport. I'd like to see Woods and Freeman match up in the QF. I think Alexander Sectional brings some unique talent this year and some surprises could be possible.
    106- 1st Manley (Otsego) 33-6, Fr. dec Lecki (Lake) 24-2, Fr. 5-2
    113 - 1st Sanchez (Genoa) 38-4, So. TF Sandwisch (Woodmore) 30-6 16-1
    120 - 1st D`Emilio (Genoa) 42-2, So. Pin Wright (Otsego) 24-13, Fr.
    126 - 1st Sanchez (Genoa) MD Mancuso 16-3
    132 - 1st Krotzer (Rossford) 30-7, Sr. Dec Emch (Woodmore) 32-6, Sr. 4-2 SV.
    138 - 1st McNett (Otsego) 27-1, Jr. Dec Eick (Rossford) 34-7, Jr. 3-0).
    145 - 1st Merritt (Elmwood) 11-4, Sr. Pin Roberts (Rossford) 15-6, Fr.
    152 - 1st Burket (Eastwood) 36-4, Sr. Pin Burlage (Rossford) 28-10, Sr. 1:26
    160 - 1st Limongi (Genoa) 26-2, So. Pin Hussar (Rossford)
    170 - 1st Baker (Elmwood) 33-9, Sr. MD LaPlante (Rossford) 26-10, Jr.
    182 - 1st Grossman (Elmwood) 38-3, Sr. MD Beach (Genoa Area) 32-11, 16-8
    195 - 1st Hinton (Elmwood) 38-3, Jr. MD Zane Zientek (Eastwood) 33-8, Sr. 15-5
    220 - 1st Tudor (Eastwood) 35-6, Sr. Dec Griffin Sperry (Elmwood) 26-8, Sr 11-8
    285 - 1st Moore (Lake)10-0, Sr. Pin Koch (Genoa Area) 20-12, So.
    Scherf, Oak Harbor will be at 132 this weekend at Maumee Bay. You will also begin to see a lot of movement in the middle weights at the D3 NW District
    I'm going to release district rankings soon, and I wanted to check and see if it was alright to use the weights that you have wrestlers listed at for your rankings.

    You have more knowledge and insight into where the wrestlers will go, but I didn't want to use your weights if you had a problem with it.

    -Max Pearce
    Hi Boro:
    When did miguel Morrell ever make and compete at 113? I can't find that anywhere; I thought he was at 20 all year and you have him at 113. Thanks for the work you do, Tim
    Stephen Deluse defeated Luke Hess from Gahanna by Dec. He will also be at 160 for Districts. He also beat the 160 from Pick Central too I believe.
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