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  • Craceman,

    I’m not sure what the legalities are with “coaching” at mafia (or any clubs) but I know some coaches voiced displeasure about it. If you guys get upperweights that need help let me know. Otherwise you should see our 160lber there frequently.

    -Joe Hall
    Southeastern Wrestling
    I was gonna see if Jabari Thomas, Fairfield was interested, but Brendon Fenton very good choice. His brother, Amar Thomas is wrestling 155/160. I may see if my boys are interested in just doing the Graham tournament on the 15th, a closer drive than Lansing, MI. I fall asleep driving from Wright State University to Dayton Mall.
    Still need 130? Give me a call at 513-200-2452. Clint Brown. My boy is Deuce Brown. We met at Butler JH districts. Deuce is weighing 138 right now. He would be young, but he is a reasonable option possibly for you.
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