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  • DIII 170 Kolton Dillion Preble Shawnee Over Kirby of Midddletown Madison 8-4 at the state duels, They have split 1-1 so far this season
    Kelly from Mogadore at 220 D3 just beat Cropper from Manchester at the state duals regionals in OT.

    Just FYI, thought you'd like to know since you had both ranked at D3 220.
    Depending on where Marthey goes 138 or 145.
    Little 145 or 152
    Waddell 138 or 132
    Jake Johnson 132 or out of lineup
    Don't count j bev out at 160, even though he beat lacure last time they met many moons ago , I feel bev will get bonus vs Hoskins IMO .. Why would delta want patchin in same bracket as Moore .. IMO , delta boys will do changing in weights, don't be surprised when vellor places at ironman. Vellor will beat Boykin by fall, FYI , all is just my opinion ��
    Clemens wt beat Seargent Troy Christian 2-1 at Graham preview. Jus for your info. thanks for what you do.
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