WoodyHayes - Rest In Peace

Rest in Peace Woody
The baseball community will miss your observations from the prespective of an ump.
Woody was young and I'm sure had no idea he had heart issues.
I am a heart attack survivor who was in denial about the symptoms but I was lucky.
Please learn the symptoms and if you think something is wrong don't be macho.
Call 911. Do it for your family and do it for yourself.
Sorry to hear the tragic news Egret, Lost my Mother Suddenly two years ago have an idea of what your going through, sparred with him a few times myself sorry for your loss RIP Woody
What a tough loss for your family, this board, this world. Too young.

Sorry about your loss. Makes me want to give my daughter extra hugs and cherish the time I have with her more and more.
I am not a major contributor to the site but never like to hear this happening, especially because I'm 51. He will be missed.

Start a new thread posting some of Woody's finest?
Egret, sorry for your loss. Woody was a great poster and he'll be missed in here. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family as the holidays approach.
Woody was an interesting character with his jabs at St.X fans. He was humorous to read and I believe he called into the X broadcasting webcast team once during an X home game. I know that he had respect for X football but enjoyed ribbing the X fans. He usually picked X to lose and had some funny comments. I traded messages with him a few times. I don't believe he really hated X from the few messages I traded with him but he just enjoyed trying to get X fans a little rattled. I believe he enjoyed listening to X webcasts. He was a funny guy and will be missed on here. God Bless Woody and my condolences to his family!
RIP Woody.

There are no endings, only new beginnings.

Hope he finds peace and can look down on us all with pride.