WoodyHayes - Rest In Peace

Not to be selfish but I sure hope he's influencing the rest of Massillon's season up there!! LOL
I just wanted to alert everyone on here of something that happened last week. WoodyHayes, who posted on the football forums quite frequently was my brother. He was from Massillon but resided the last few years in Texas.

He passed away Friday morning of a massive heart attack before work. He was in fairly decent health so it came as a shock to our entire family.

I know he loved getting on here and jabbering back and forth with you folks, especially around Stark County and Texas football. I thought I would let everyone know that his posting will now be silent. Godspeed to WoodyHayes.

I am very sorry to hear about your loss.
I'm sorry to hear of his passing, Egret. It's very sad. I did enjoy many of his posts. To say he was animated is putting it mildly. WoodyHayes definitely let everyone know how he felt about high school football. Thoughts and prayers to you and the rest of his family. The Yappi community will miss him. May he rest in peace
I don't know what to say, this just comes as such a shock. I know that alot of you know him from the football forum but I posted with him and read many of his posts in the baseball forum. I really enjoyed reading his posts about umpiring games in Texas. I've used many of his experiences in my own arguments why youth baseball should be played a certain way. I was always hoping that one of his visits home that he could come umpire one of our games.

Sorry for your loss Egret. RIP Woody
He might be coming back if they don't have internet.

Thanks for letting him play with us Egret. He was cantankerous fun. Hope your family is doing well with this.
Sorry for the loss to you and the rest of Woody's family, Egret. He read as though he was quite a character- I'm sure the world was a better place with him in it.
I've heard it said that if there is a heaven, it wouldn't be "heaven" if those there saw everything happening here. Just the same, I hope he gets a peek at the next few weekends ! May God Bless you and yours
My prayers are out to you Egret, and all your family. Woody was helpful to me and a wonderful poster here on Yappi. May he rest in peace.
For awhile there I thought Woody was going to become a Bomber fan.
But as he liked to say.....no cigar.
Never could convince him that SWO football was worth a darn.
Sorry for your loss egret.
Thanks for letting us know so we could remember and reflect
He always thought he was just getting under our skin but he made it into our hearts.
I could read one of his posts and know it was him without reading his name.
Truly an original.
RIP Woody
The past two years when I was seeing HS games all over the country, WoodyHayes offered to take me to a few of the 'big games' around northeast Texas when I was down that way. I was never able to take him up on the offer and we failed to cross paths the few times I was at Cowboys Stadium.

Although it seemed minor then, it's still a shock that he's gone. I still had planned to one day take him up on his offer if I were in that area of Texas on weekend.

He was a good guy who I only knew online. A big fan and had a friendly welcoming nature to him. He will be missed by anyone who's ever had the pleasure to interact with him.
Wow! Dunno how I missed this one. My condolences to you, yours, and his.

He's closer than you think. You'll speak again.
I'm new to yappi and never had the pleasure, but anyone who wanted to go by Woody Hayes deserves to move to the front of the line when entering the pearly gates. RIP fellow Buckeye!!
Sad news, did not know that was your brother, respected his posts despite the fact that we got into it on here....Just like you and I over on the other site. Haha.

RIP Woody.
Deepest Sympathies

Let me extend my deepest sympathies to you and David's family. As an aside let me tell you that he had privately messaged on occasion regarding some sports talk and during the course of those conversations I was traveling to Texarkana. He gratuitously provided me all kinds of local information which was a huge help to me in entertaining clients. Not only restaurant information but he also volunteered his cell phone number just in case I got in a bind. I never personally met him but he was certainly one of the most colorful people on this site and he clearly went to an extreme to ensure my local business success in Texarkana. I thank him for that and his relatives should know that efforts like these did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

God Bless him.
How old was he? Been talking with him since at least 05 when St. x played the Tigers in the State Championship game! RIP. He and I had a few PM's together!

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